By Bilal Hafeez 24-07-2020
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Ep. 19: Professor Justin Stebbing On Expecting A COVID Vaccine Before The US Election

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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez
Ep. 19: Professor Justin Stebbing On Expecting A COVID Vaccine Before The US Election

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In this episode, I talk with Professor Justin Stebbing. He is a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial college London. He initially trained at Oxford, before having a residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the US, then returned to the UK to work at the Royal Marsden, Barts and now Imperial. He specializes in cancers and immunotherapies. He has an extensive research background having published over 550 peer-reviewed papers. He recently published in the Lancet new research on using AI to find drugs to treat COVID-19.

In this podcast we discuss:

1. Current vaccine trials
2. Absence of COVID-19 reinfections
3. Why is vaccine development faster than before
4. Low mutability of COVID-19
5. Symptoms of COVID-19
6. Why are minority groups experiencing higher infection rates
7. Why are elderly being affected the most
8. Views on the Sweden approach
9. Why is the US death rate not higher
10. Policy recommendation

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