By Bilal Hafeez 02-07-2020

Ep. 16: Chris Crowe On End Of Safe Asset Shortage

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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez
Ep. 16: Chris Crowe On End Of Safe Asset Shortage

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In this episode, I talk with Chris Crowe. Chris is Head of Economic & Flow Research at one of the world’s leading hedge funds, Capula Investment Management. He was previously UK Economist at Barclays for two years and prior to that, worked at the IMF for five years. He has also published in top economic journals.

In this podcast we discuss:

1. Why bond yields have trended down in recent decades
2. The role of safe assets in this downtrend
3. Likely shifts in the supply and demand of safe assets and impact on bonds
4. Whether central banks have been captured by fiscal authorities
5. Whether the Fed will move to yield curve control
6. Whether Fed or BoE will move to negative rates
7. US economic outlook
8. How Brexit and COVID are impacting UK
9. Germany vs rest in EU

You can read more of Chris’s work on safe assets here.

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