By Bilal Hafeez 24-11-2020
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COVID Kills Inflation / Bilal On Macro Musings

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(1) How COVID-19 Kills Inflation (3 min read) Inflation fears are mounting on the back of vaccine news and the projected global recovery. I argue that COVID-induced structural change in the service sector will ensure disinflation dominates for some time ahead.

(Bilal Hafeez│ 24th November, 2020)



(2) Podcast Review: Macro Hive Conversations With Dirk Willer (2 min read) We provide a wrap up of our recent podcast with Citi’s head of EM strategy, Dirk Willer. He sets out a bullish case for EM, albeit is cautious on Brazil and Russia, and provides a framework for trading EM. 

(Angela Xu│ 24th November, 2020)



(3) Macro Musings Podcast: Bilal Hafeez on Inflation, Innovation, and Economic Recovery after COVID-19 
I was invited onto David Beckworth’s Macro Musings podcast to discuss inflation and the global outlook. We talked about the dominance of services in inflation, prospects for a K-shaped US recovery, the USD outlook and Europe after COVID.



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“High” Yield yields hit a low (M&G Investments, 6 min read)

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