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By Bilal Hafeez 01-08-2019

China Makes Concession on US Farm Goods in ‘Frank’ and ‘Constructive’ Talks (SCMP, 4 min read)

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The anticipated progress in the US-China trade talks is now materialising. In a meeting this week China agreed to start buying soybeans and other produce from the US. Even though China is in no rush to end the trade talks, since, as we mention above, their economy is resilient enough to withstand the turbulence, Beijing is opting for cooperation, opening its economy to more foreign investment. Trump, who needs an attractive deal to boost his re-election chances will favour this. Meanwhile, Wall Street is lobbying for an easing of Huawei’s ban.

Why does this matter? Brexhaustion – a recently coined term defined as apathy towards Brexit discussion; well perhaps we are seeing something similar emerging around the US-China trade talks. Hopeful investors are finally seeing some progress, but it seems like a long way to go with much back and forth to come.

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