By Bilal Hafeez 25-01-2021
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Carbon Markets: Considerations and Macro Implications

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(1) An Invisible Hand for an Inconvenient Truth (6 min read)
With the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accord under President Biden, the issue of carbon taxes is set to come back into prominence. Phil Suttle gives his take on the challenges involved and the likely macro implications.   

(Phil Suttle│ 25th January, 2021)




Remarks by IMF Managing Director at the Climate Adaptation Summit (IMF, 1 min read)

Beyond Brexit: Outlook and Risks for the U.K. Economy (PIMCO, 4 min read)

England’s Lockdown Lessons (Project Syndicate, 6 min read)

Beware rising neutral rates (OMFIF, 3 min read)














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