By Bilal Hafeez 15-10-2020
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America’s Jobless Recovery / Bank Challenges After COVID / ILS: EM Safe Haven + Best Of The Web

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(1) Loan Credit Quality Holding up Well, but Banks Face Other Challenges (4 min read) Third quarter bank earnings reports show loan credit quality holding up, writes John Tierney. But shrinking NIMs and lack of visibility on resumption of normal dividends are just some of the constraints ahead.

(John Tierney │ 15th October, 2020)




(2) A Jobless Recovery? (3 min read) Dominique Dwor-Frecaut gives six reasons why the US economy looks to be heading towards a jobless recovery. 

(Dominique Dwor-Frecaut│ 15th October, 2020)


(3) Shekel: A High-Tech EM Safe Haven (4 min read) A second nationwide lockdown and ongoing central bank intervention only briefly reversed the trend of ILS appreciation. FX strategist, Reuven Benichou, reviews the structural factors behind shekel strength.

(Reuven Benichou│ 15th October, 2020)



Has gold gotten too expensive? (The Felder Report, 1 min read)

A long, uneven and uncertain ascent (IMF Blog, 6 min read)

What does the future of energy look like? (JP Morgan Asset Management, 2 min read)

Negative rates explained: should UK investors prepare? (Schroders, 6 min read)



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