By Bilal Hafeez 01-08-2019

Wealthy Americans are Increasingly Willing to Invest (UBS Survey, 2 min read)

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UBS Global Wealth management conducts a useful quarterly survey on US investor and entrepreneur sentiment. The latest data shows an improvement in optimism on the overall global economy – 41% were positive, up from 37% last quarter. This is largely driven by bullishness on US stocks; 37% expressed an intent to invest more, up from 26%. The next most attractive region for investing was the EU, probably as a result of the recent promises from the Central Bank of fresh stimuli.

Why does this matter?  A bullish US market investor sentiment is evident with S&P500 and other benchmark indices tapping new all-time highs, engineered by the US Fed dovishness. But the bond market appears much more concerned, with the yield curve inverting.

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