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By Bilal Hafeez 20-09-2019
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28th September

Six Small Facts About Globalization That Are Really Big (econlife) Highlights six key ingredients for globalisation: 1) refrigerated containers, 2) WTO, 3) Low non-tariff barriers , 4) FDI, 5) Services are important, 6) Mexico becoming important.

Companies Are Using a Depression-Era Law To Escape Trump’s Tariffs — And It’s Costing Them (ProPublica) An old law that allows free trade zones with the US is being revived

The Growing List of U.S. Government Inquiries into Big Tech (Axios) Lists the number of inquiries against Facebook (5), Google (4), Amazon (2) and Apple (1)

Why Global Trade Imbalances Could Get Worse Before They Get Better… (CFR) Argues that europe’s demand deficit and Asia’s excess savings are driving trade surpluses against the US. Their trends are not positive. Could keep trade wars in the headlines.

Tracking Global Corporate Tax Avoidance (Big Picture) 40% of multinationals profits are shifted to tax havens each year. This surely will be attacked by politicians.


20th September

US foreign policy has been changing since the height of interventionism during the Bush years. Now Trump may be setting the tone for years to come. Meanwhile, the UK may need to focus on trade deals with the US, Aust, Canada and NZ and we shouldn’t forget Ireland is key for Brexit.

How Trump is Remaking Republican Foreign Policy (Defense One) Out: neoconservatism and noninterventionism. In: a reactionary style that may outlast his administration.

Beyond Brexit – What a US-UK Trade Deal Will Really Look Like (CAPX) Argues for UK to focus on US and the broader 5 eyes alliance (Canada, Australia, NZ)

A Repeat of The Turmoil of 1914-1922? (Progressive Pulse) Compares the current dilemma of the Irish Backdrop Plan to the 1914 Crisis of the UK, where Ireland sought to break away from UK control and regain its sovereignty.

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