By Bilal Hafeez 12-09-2019
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Macro Hive Specials: ECB Tears / Trust Issues / US loves China

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We’ve had a great response to our new Deep Dives newsletter that came out yesterday, so expect more to come. In other news, a T-shirt is the on way to our 10,000th visitor, Robin. Check out the picture below of me modeling one.

For today’s Brief, we have five excellent special reports. Top rates strategist, Abhishek Singhania, has an original take on today’s ECB meeting, the Macro Dilettante talks about the bear market in trust and macro thinker, John Tierney, explains why US corporates love China. Then we continue our coverage on Brexit, this time looking at the impact on Central and Eastern Europe. Finally, I compare iPhone prices around the world (hint: don’t buy one in Brazil)

And if you’ve ever wondered about the Secrets of Exercising Power, check out my personal blog on the topic based on an ancient Chinese text.

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ECB Preview: Unintended Consequences of Tiering (3 min read) Abhishek Singhania, top Euro rates strategist, gives his ECB preview ahead of today’s meeting. Many are looking for tiering to be a panacea for banks, but they could be disappointed.

(Abhishek Singhania | September 12, 2019)



The Global Bear Market Nobody Talks About (3 min read) In another thought-provoking piece, the Macro Dilettante offers his two cents on the impacts of the global collapse of trust. In an age of rapid, non-linearly increasing complexity of tech, data, and media, he calls for proper planning to prevent poor performance.

(Macro Dilettante | September 12, 2019)



Corporate America: The Clear Loser in Trump’s Trade War (4 min read) Whatever the costs of an unlevel playing field, American companies want to stay in China because it is very profitable. John Tierney debunks the myth that corporates are shying away from China – for them it’s not about trade, it’s about access but they will bear Trump’s relationship damage for years to come.

(John Tierney | September 12, 2019)



Why iPhones Make President Trump Angry (2 min read) We find huge price differences on iPhones around the world. They costs over 70% more in Argentina, Brazil and Turkey. Why are direct or indirect costs added to a top US export? No wonder Trump is angry.

(Bilal Hafeez | September 10, 2019)



How Will a No Deal Brexit Impact Central and Eastern Europe (4 min read) Continuing our discussion on Brexit’s wider impact, we have another piece by Eastern European experts CEEMarketWatch to explore how a no-deal would influence the GDP, trade and currency of key markets Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

(CEEMarketWatch | September 12, 2019)

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For details: The Smartphones With the Longest-Lasting batters

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