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Macro Hive Live: Productive Hobbies / Optimal Workout Times / Importance Of Fibre

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Our Hive Life picks this week include how lying down can help you solve problems faster and a fascinating infographic on the sleep routines of 50 ultra-successful people. For a fitter you, we include five easy kettlebell exercises, the best time to work out, and the importance of fibre.

For your weekly entertainment dose, we bring you the top 8 shows for Game of Thrones fans and the best thriller movies on Netflix.  



Lay Down When Solving Problems (1000 Life Hacks, 1 min read) Your brain processes thoughts at a much faster rate when you are lying down. This is also the reason why psychologists ask you to lie down on a couch during a session.

How Much Sleep Do You Need? The Sleep Routines of 50 Ultra Successful People (Addicted 2 Success, 4 min read) Interesting infographic on sleep schedules and activities conducted by high-achieving CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists and celebrities. Only celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and President Donald Trump are in the 3-hour sleep club. I have also collated all my research and tips on sleep here.

How Hobbies Make You More Productive and Creative (Asian Efficiency, 10 min read) The benefits of having a hobby include: better time management, creative ideas, improved stress management and increased patience to work towards long-term goals. You can also combine meditative practices as well.

5 Kettlebell Exercises That Don’t Swing (Breaking Muscle, 6 min watch) A video tutorial on how to do a Kettlebell Halo, Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell Clean and Press, Kettlebell Bicep to Triceps Extension and Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift. The next time you see this giant ball of metal in the gym, you won’t not shy away.

Fiber Is an Actual Superfood (GQ, 4 min read) People who consume more fibre are up to 30% less likely to die prematurely from chronic diseases. According to the WHO, an individual should strive to eat 29 grams a day (a cup of chickpeas has around 35g fibre).

Forty percent of dementia cases could be prevented or delayed by targeting 12 risk factors throughout life (EurekAlert, 4 min read) Alcohol intake, head injury, air pollution, smoking, diabetes, obesity and hypertension are among the lifestyle factors that, if controlled, can delay or prevent 40% of dementia cases

When Is the Best Time to Work Out? (The Art of Manliness, 4 min read) For weight loss workout in the morning, for better performance and a bigger energy boost workout in the afternoon or early evening. In my opinion, consistency is the key!

‘Drawn-on-skin’ electronics offer breakthrough in wearable monitors (EurekAlert, 3 min read) They will be able to monitor muscle signals, heart rate, temperature, skin hydration, while also having the ability to accelerate the healing of wounds.

A new neural network could help computers code themselves (MIT Technology Review, 6 min read) ‘The tool spots similarities between programs to help programmers write faster and more efficient software.’

How to Volunteer for a Coronavirus Vaccine Study (Lifehacker, 4 min read) Not all heroes wear capes!

MIT Tests ‘Dream Incubation’ Device That Manipulates The Content of People’s Dreams (Science Alert, 5 min read) Would you try this?

The Best Hair Clippers to Make Sure You’re Always Looking Sharp (Robb Report, 2 min read) If you are avoiding the barbers, this will come in handy. Choices include Surker Cordless Hair Clipper, Wahl Deluxe Complete Hair Cutting Kit, and the Braun 9-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit.

Spotify Is Testing a New Podcasting Tool to Share Quotes in Other Apps (Gizmodo, 2 min read) After signing Joe Rogan, introducing a video podcast last week and now this tool, it seems like Spotify is set on to becoming the go-to platform for Podcasts.

8 TV Shows to Remind You of When Game of Thrones Was Good (Gizmodo, 7 min read) Shows that will bring back memories of when GoT was good (Season 6 and before). The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Expanse, The Magicians, The Witcher, Angel, Dark, The Leftovers, The Legend of Korra.

The Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX, 12 min read) Some of the best thrillers on Netflix right now consist of The Platform (2019), The Interview (1998), Drive (2011), The Silence Of The Lambs (1991), Burning (2018) and Uncut Gems (2019).

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