By Bilal Hafeez 07-08-2020
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Macro Hive Life: 10 Life-Changing Quotes / Keto Chai Ice Cream / 25 Greatest Superyachts / 36 Resume Skills

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Our Hive Life picks this week feature tools to improve your focus and quotes for a meaningful life. We even found a healthy ice cream recipe which is keto friendly. And we feature a fascinating article on how the wealth gap existed even in the stone age.

For your weekly entertainment dose, we bring you the top comedy movies on Netflix and the best music documentaries to watch.



Tools for Keeping Focused (LessWrong, 6 min read) Hacks to prevent mindless checking of distracting websites, emails, and apps.

10 Life Changing Quotes That Helped Me Create a Meaningful Life (Addicted2Success, 5 min read) One example: ‘besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.’ (Lin Yutang)

3 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety Before Going to Sleep (Dumb Little Man, 5 min read) Take a warm bath or shower, watch a funny sitcom, and make a gratitude list.

36 Important Resume Skills (For All Types of Jobs) (Lifehack, 15 min read) Skills to highlight range from verbal communication to social media skills.

Bodyweight Has Surprising, Alarming Impact on Brain Function (EurekAlert, 3 min read) Findings reveal overweight or obese individuals have lower brain blood flow. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses like depression.

Forge Life-Saving Strength with This Functional Workout (Men’s Health, 4 min read) Want to build functional fitness like a firefighter? Do heavy D ball to shoulder, weighted pull-ups, single arm kettlebell thrusters and burpees.

Keto Chai Ice Cream Bon Bons Recipe (Marks Daily Apple, 4 min read) If you are on a Keto diet, don’t mind chai flavour, and fancy a cold dessert in summer – this recipe is perfect!

Research Suggests Viability of Brain Computer to Improve Function in Paralyzed Patient (EurekAlert, 3 min read) In trials, the implementation of a stentrode brain-computer interface saw patients with severe paralysis perform essential activities such as texting, online shopping and banking.

The Hack That Could Make Face Recognition Think Someone Else Is You (MIT Technology Review, 6 min read) Face recognition system can be fooled through CycleGan, an image translation algorithm. Face recognition systems are used in airport security, and this serves as a reminder that they’re far from foolproof.

Future Apple Devices Could Clean Themselves (Popular Mechanics, 1 min read) Apple has filed a patent on a system that could clean the sensors inside of their devices using UV light.

Microsoft Integrates Android Apps Into Windows 10 With New ‘Your Phone’ Update (The Verge, 3 min read) The integration will allow you to mirror your phone apps on windows PC. Unfortunately, right now only Samsung handsets are supported.

Prehistoric Graves Reveal the Wealth Gap Existed Even in the Stone Age (Science Alert, 3 min read) Archaeological study of 6,600-year-old gravesites revealed a link between more lavish diet and fancier buried artefacts in the grave.

How Disney Fools Your Brain to Make Lines Feel Magically Short (Popular Science, 2 min read) They use walls to separate people, which gives the illusion of a shorter line. They also turn waiting into an experience by keeping you excited with decorations around. Plus, they create a time illusion by how they advertise waiting time:  ‘one-hour wait, but you’ll always reach the end before’. I hate theme park lines; they always make trips disappoint.

Cool Uncle Tricks: How to Spin a Basketball on Your Finger (The Art of Manliness, 2 min read) Practice makes perfect!

The 25 Greatest Superyachts of the Last 100 Years (Robb Report, 12 min read)Remarkable evolution in their design and technology.

Cats Prefer Free Meals Over Working for Food (Futurity, 2 min read) Given the option between free food and food that requires effort to obtain, most animals prefer the latter. This phenomenon is called contra-freeloading. But domestic cats are spoiled and prefer eating for free.

The Best Comedies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX, 12 min read) Includes Kung Fu Hustle (2004), Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010), Scott Pilgrim vs the World (2010) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) and Bad Boys (1995).

The Best Music Documentaries You Should Watch Right Now (UPROXX, 15 min read) Few of the best music documentaries featured are Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams (2018), Homecoming: A Film By Beyonce (2019), Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck (2015), No Direction Home: Bob Dylan (2005)  and Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap (2012).

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