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By Bilal Hafeez 21-03-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Virtual Tours / Beating Anxiety / Best Netflix Comedies

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As daily life becomes increasingly disrupted from the coronavirus pandemic, our lifestyle picks move further from what we originally envisaged. Yet at this time of exceptional market volatility and changing schedules it can be increasingly valuable to step back. From reducing anxiety to more tips on WFH, we hope that our featured articles bring some light relief.

The top 30 comedies on Netflix surely has something for everyone’s taste.



Work Remotely Without Losing Your Mind (Ozy, 4 min read) We did include some tips for WHF last week but we figured the more the better. This list includes; a routine, a cosy home office space, plenty of video calls and treats.

4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Business Writing (Harvard Business Review, 2 min read) Focus on your audience, use the active not passive voice, keep sentences short and put the main points near the top.

The “T.R.I.C.K.” to Raising Successful People (Farnam, 2 min read) Trust, respect, independence, collaboration and kindness is Esther Wojcicki’s key to bringing up successful kids. 

Five ways to beat anxiety and take back control of your life during the COVID-19 pandemic (University of Cambridge, 4 min read) Switch off the news, find something to distract yourself, choose something else to focus on, stay (digitally) connected with friends and family and remember that thoughts will pass.

COVID-19 appears less severe in children, says review in Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal (EurekAlert, 2 min read) Children are just as likely as adults to contract coronavirus but, similar to SARS and MERS, are much less likely to develop severe symptoms.

Hospital workers design their own face masks, using craft supplies (FastCompany, 1 min read) Vinyl sheets, foam, elastic bands and double-sided tape are being used by a team of volunteers in Washington to create makeshift masks and face shields as supplies of standard protective items run low.  

Turn Your Hobby into a Startup (Harvard Business Review, 4 min read) Part-time entrepreneurship, or trying out business ideas on evenings and weekends while maintaining a day job, is becoming increasingly common and has been shown to increase the likelihood of success after switching to it full time.

There Are Infinite Rings of Light Around Black Holes. Here’s How We Could See Them (Science Direct, 3 min read) The image of the first event horizon around a black hole has allowed scientists to delve deeper and discover previously unseen subrings. Global cooperation on telescopes allowed this feat of science to happen.

Your Yoga Studio’s Updated Practices in Response to COVID-19 (New Yorker, 2 min read) For a lighter (spoof) take on how companies are responding to the virus.

Your Phone Probably Won’t Give You Coronavirus, But Here’s How to Clean It Anyway (GQ, 2 min read) Shared items like door handles are a more likely source of contamination than phones but a good clean with an antibacterial wipe (if you can find any) certainly won’t hurt.

Pandemic Advice from Wu Tang Clan (Kottee, 1 min read) Wu Tang Clan’s Insta advice: Wash (hands), Use (masks), Touch (nothing), Avoid (large crowds), Never (touch face with unclean hands), G (go to hospital if you have severe symptoms).  

The Best Comedies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (Uproxx, 10 min read) 30 movies to help take your mind off the increasingly tragedy of the coronavirus. Too many good ones to list and given we will all most likely have time just scroll down the list to find your favourites.    

Take a trip to your favorite NYC museums with these virtual tours (Time Out, 2 min read) MoMa, the Met, Whitney and Guggenheim and several more NYC museums are all offering free virtual tours of their collections. Fabulous.

Lessons for the Movie Industry from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic (New Yorker, 6 min read) Hollywood’s movie industry and integrated studio / production / distribution chain largely came about as a result of the 1918 flu. With Universal now announcing some new movies will be available on-demand at the same time as coming to the big screen the current crisis hitting the film industry could see another lasting change. 

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