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By Bilal Hafeez 11-07-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Serotonin Hacks / Best $250 Phones / Spotify Workout Tools

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Our Lifestyle blogs this week feature how COVID is disrupting the fitness industry with VR headsets. COVID is also impacting cricket. Matches have finally resumed but the new rules might make it difficult for bowlers. We also include an article highlighting just how much social media gets manipulated by bots, fake accounts and trolls.

For our TV fix, we feature useful devices that can turn your old TV into a smart one so you can finally binge on Netflix. Finally, if you need a break from TV we include the top 12 games for iPhone.



8 Serotonin Hacks That Will Help Elevate Your Mood (Men’s Health, 2 min read) Hack your happiness-regulating chemicals. The amino acid tryptophan found in eggs, mozzarella cheese and pumpkin seeds increases joy. Elite athletes also use the technique of “periodic smiling’ to break pain barriers, so just a mere act of faking a smile can elevate your mood too.

Brain Training: 12 Fast, Fun Mental Workouts (Life Hack, 6 min read) These workouts help improve memory, reduce stress level, boost work performance and delay cognitive decline. I am a big fan of breath-based meditation. Meditation also acts as a cognitive workout, according to the article.

Exactly How Much Water Should You Drink In a Day? (Men’s Health, 2 min read) According to this article, it’s around 3,700ml a day for men and 2,600ml for women. If you are always hungry or have darker urine, that might also be a cue that you are not hydrating enough.

5 Reasons You Can’t Quit Sugar (Marks Daily Apple, 7 min read) You could be craving that muffin because your diet is too restrictive, you are feeling sad, or may have unresolved past trauma. This article also lays down five useful strategies to stop these cravings.

What to Do Before a Workout (Life Hacker, 6 min read) Warm up with dynamic stretches, foam rolling, light cardio or light weights to prevent injuries

Fake Accounts Are Constantly Manipulating What You See on Social Media (Science Alert, 4 min read) Bots, fake accounts and trolls are dominating in spreading misinformation and disinformation on our social media feeds. A study found more than half of twitter account discussing COVID-19 are bots. Mind-boggling!

Could the VR headset be the next Peloton? (Tech Crunch, 2 min read) Shedding calories in a virtual gaming environment could be fun. The fitness space is indeed being disrupted!

Harvard biomedical engineering professor to launch nasal spray that could reduce COVID-19 transmission risk (Tech Crunch, 7 min read) This saline mixture which is delivered via nasal inhalation can potentially provide COVID protection by blocking small inhaled and exhaled particles. If true, this could be a game changer.

Get a Custom Playlist with Spotify’s ‘Soundtrack Your Workout’ Tool (Life Hacker, 2 min read) This new tool will automatically churn out fresh playlists based on your stated preferences for your workout session. It is also highly customisable. 

Little Cricket, And Just A Hint Of Swing, At The Ageas Bowl (The Full Toss, 4 min) Cricket has finally returned but for the first two days the match winner has been the English weather! Also, the COVID-safe rules may make bowlers less potent by offering less swing with the now saliva-free ball.    

Gucci Tapped a Top Italian Graffiti Artist to Make Over Its Logo as Part of Its New Environmental Sustainability Initiative (Art net, 5 min read) Going green is the new black!

This Is the Best $250 Phone (Gizmodo, 6 min read) TCL 10L and Moto G Power have a large screen, quality camera, powerful processor, large battery and run on the latest Android while being friendly on the pocket. I still am not switching from my iPhone.

Everything you need to stream TV (The Verge, 5 min read) Suppose you do not own a smart TV and want to binge on Netflix or stream YouTube. You can buy a streaming device (Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Android). But if you hate extra wires, you can even go for over the air solution such as Fire TV Recast and TiVo Bolt OTA.

The 12 Best Games on the iPhone (Kotaku, 9 min read) A fantastic mix of genres such as role-playing games, strategy, racing, action and adventure. Some of the games featured include Final Fantasy Tactics, 80 Days, Hitman Go and Asphalt 9: Legends.

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