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By Bilal Hafeez 01-02-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Removing Decisions / Mobile Scams / Paleo Or Mediterranean Diet?

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This week’s break from all things macro and markets includes how to cut down on decision making, the benefits of probiotics and an introduction to animation. And for those with several days to spare listening to audio books we also feature a top five on iconic musicians.



Finding the One Decision That Removes 100 Decisions (Tim Ferriss, 5 min read) Better decision making, and less decisions, requires a broader approach. Thinking one stage back can often be the solution. And that’s the reason why Ferriss has vowed not to read any new books this year.

The Inner Game: Why Trying Too Hard Can Be Counterproductive (Farnam Street, 10 min read) The right mindset is as important as the endeavour itself. Originally a theory about tennis, the need to eliminate self-doubt applies broadly, and including on how we learn. A judgement-free approach that visualises the desired outcome could prove beneficial.

Splendid Isolation: How I Stopped Time by Sitting In A Forest For 24 Hours (The Guardian, 22 min read) Prompted by the realisation that everything takes longer than expected, yet time passes so quickly, the author spends 24 hours alone in the wilderness. With nothing to do the mind is able to slowdown and gain perspective.

Weight loss and health improvements with Mediterranean, fasting & paleo diets (EurekAlert, 3 min read) This year-long study confirmed that there is no one “right” diet. Participants lost weight and saw other health benefits under all three diets. But those who sustained the diets achieved the best results.

Probiotics: What they are and how you might benefit from them (The Conversation, 4 min read) Not an article to read over morning cornflakes. This probiotics expert discusses the wide use of probiotics, including for intestinal problems and with women’s health.

For low back pain in older adults, treatment doesn’t match guidelines (EurekAlert, 3 min read) Opioids are not the answer to lower back pain in older adults, neither is imaging such as MRI or CT scans. Instead, physiotherapy and non-steroid anti-inflammatories should be used first.

Ultrasonic hands could give robots a lighter touch (Futurism, 1 min read) Ultrasound waves allow this robot ‘hand’ to move objects without the need to touch. It can even move objects around in mid’ air. The inventor is hoping the delicate world of watchmaking could be the first commercial use of the invention.

The Nestron Cube Tiny Home Has Built-In AI Technology (MensHealth, 2 min read) This fully furnished, environmentally friendly, tiny prefab house comes complete with a voice-activated AI assistant. Just in case you don’t want to walk to tiny distance to switch the lights on.

A company that runs on ‘structured chaos’ is going viral and selling out products in minutes (Business Insider, 4 min read) Stuff (or more accurately, products) without definition is the business model of this startup. No ideas are off limits although most are wacky to say the least. The browser add-on that disguises Netflix as a conference call is a favourite of mine.

3 of the Most Common Mobile Scams and How to Stop Them (Gizmodo, 5 min read) SIM swaps, phishing messages and fake calls are the most common mobile scams out there. It might sound obvious but be wary. Don’t give out personal info and never call back!

Soccer Transfer Fees Reach Record High (Statistica, 1 min read) One for all you football fans. The $7.35bn in 2019 transfer fees was an all-time high (and roughly equivalent in size to Malawi’s economy). Portugal had the largest net positive balance, and England the largest net negative.

Disney Is Finally Getting Around To Live-Action Remakes Of Two Of Its Most Traumatic Animated Classics (Uproxx, 2 min read) Tissue alert. We may be in store for live-action remakes of Bambi and Pinocchio. Thankfully it doesn’t look like they will be hitting the screens imminently.

5 Great Audiobooks About Iconic Musicians (Lithub, 4 min read) Prince, Karen Carpenter, Janis Joplin and more, these audio books provide an insight into some of the best musicians of all time. Some of the narrators are pretty awesome too (Esparanza Spalding!)

Every Studio Ghibli Film, Ranked (GQ, 4 min read) If you are interested in animation and don’t know where to start this ranking will tell you all you need to know. The Wind Rises takes the top spot.

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