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By Bilal Hafeez 08-02-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Michelin Goes Green / Stretch-lash / Benefits Of Keeping A Journal

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We were struck this week in the clear crossover of climate concerns in our featured blogs on markets and investing and those on lifestyle. Michelin’s 2020 French list was meant to be about the country’s new 3-starred restaurant but for us it was about the new green “pictograms” awarded for environmentally conscious behaviour.

We also feature an article on the case against stretching, although we remain in favour! While our sofa time this week is the best true crime documentaries on Netflix.



Goal Setting: A Scientific Guide to Setting and Achieving Goals (James Clear, 12 min read) A comprehensive guide to goal setting. From eliminating competing goals to how to measure them, this article complete with further reading provides focus for anyone about to embark on a goal setting strategy.

How Journaling Can Improve Your Life (Outside Online, 2 min read) Writing a journal is not just about reflection and interpretation. Our physical and mental health can also benefit from lower blood pressure and improved sleep. But no phones or iPads! Notepads only.

The Positive Side of Shame (Farnam Street, 8 min read) Seven ways to use shame as a force of good including to use sparingly and only on the most serious issues. Most importantly, differentiate guilt versus shame.

The Case Against Stretching (Outside Online, 6 min read) Stretching is recommended by the majority of fitness professions despite a lack of evidence on its ability to reduce injuries or provide other health benefits. Rather than stretching before exercising, a three-pronged dynamic warm up is increasingly recommended. Personally, I still think there is a place for a good stretch. 

Parkinson’s disease may start before birth (EurekAlert, 4 min read) Early onset Parkinson’s disease may be the result of undiagnosed brain disorders present since birth. One drug, already FDA approved for use for other conditions, has been shown in lab tests to provide some benefits and further research is planned.

An egg a day not tied to risk of heart disease (EurekAlert, 2 min read) This long-term study finds that moderate egg consumption of around one per day has no detrimental impact on health, even for these with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. No link with cholesterol was found either. 

World’s largest solar telescope takes its first shot (, 2 min read) Boiling plasma is the first photo of the sun’s surface from the giant telescope in the Hawaiian island of Maui. Scientists hope that it will help determine warnings signs for the sun flares that can damage satellites.

Gig-economy apps affect more than the economy—they’re changing what it means to be a friend (, 6 min read) What was once favours among friends (waiting in for a delivery or assembling furniture) is now often a commercial activity. So rather than connecting people apps are often pushing us further apart.

Most Googled: Why don’t Londoners talk on the tube? (Time Out, 1 min read) Lack of personal space is the reason. If you want to have a chat with a stranger take the generally quieter and more spacious Overground instead.

How to Measure Almost Anything Using Your Phone (Gizmodo, 2 min read) Altitude, humidity, distance, speed, air quality, weight, the list goes on. Phones apparently can really measure everything. If they are packed full of apps that is. 

Michelin Announces 2020 Stars for France (, 2 min read) Alongside the annual promotions and demotions in France’s culinary world Michelin has this year also gone green. New green “pictograms” denote where a restaurant acts to reduce food waste, use renewable energy and consider biodiversity.

The best gastropub in the UK is in London (Time Out, 2 min read) If pub grub is more your thing than fine dining this list is for you. The top spot goes to Fulham’s Harwood Arms, which is the only Michelin-starred pub in London. But is it a green star?

The Best True Crime Documentaries On Netflix Right Now (Uproxx, 8 min read) Certainly not light viewing. Pick from unsolved murders (Who Killed Jam Master Jay?), kidnapping (Abducted in Plain Sight) or the slightly lighter topic of wine fraud (Sour Grapes). 

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