By Bilal Hafeez 23-10-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Mastering Attention Management / Anti-Stress Routines / Carbon Footprint Tracking App

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This week we bring you tips on how to instil motivation in the workplace, as well as some eye-opening advice on how to master productivity and achieve your daily goals.

On the innovation front, there’s an 85-foot yacht made from recycled material, the first ‘rollable’ TV screen and a new app that tracks your carbon footprint while offering scientific advice on how to reduce it.

Distract yourself with an expansive list of books that cover genres from science fiction to drama to poetry, or find some great movies to watch with the family from either Netflix or Amazon Prime.




Forget time management. Master this to meet all your productivity goals (Fast Company, 5 min read)
Attention Management could be the key to success. Rather than trying to eliminate distractions, this technique helps you focus on high-impact tasks, delivering them on time, and eliminating multi-tasking.

Retain flexibility with habits? (LessWrong, 1 min read)
Engineering habits, such as exercise, into your daily routine can help with productivity. However, if this routine breaks down, perhaps try balancing your expectations and pay attention to your relationship with schedules and structure.

The biggest innovation in learning is not data, but instilling motivation: Shreyasi Singh, Founder & CEO, Harappa Education (People Matters, 3 min read)
Learning is not just about knowledge, but about action, and this can be broken down into learning new behaviours, reinforcing them, and applying them to work. 

Unresolved (swissmiss, 1 min read)
Face your unresolved feelings with patience.

Pocket This Anti-Stress Routine for Difficult Days (Outside Magazine, 4 min read)
Revert to child-like movements such as crawling, rocking, or rolling, to relieve stress. According to experts, these movements relieve tension and help get the joints moving.

5 Tips for Sticking to an Exercise Schedule (Roamilicious, 3 min read)
Five great tips on how to keep yourself motivated while exercising, including investing in an exercise watch, and making exercise social.

Study shows active older adults have better physical and mental health (EurekAlert!, 2 min read)
The study reinforces the importance of moving around and reducing ‘sitting time’ to improve quality-of-life in the elderly.

Tech Is Transforming People Analytics. Is That a Good Thing? (Harvard Business Review, 4 min read)
There are clear benefits to implementing technology in the workplace, but at what point does it become too intrusive?

This 85-Foot Hybrid Explorer Yacht Will Be Made From Recycled Aluminum and Plastic Bottles (Robb Report, 2 min read)
This innovative creation will push the boundaries of yacht design. The hull and structure will be made from recycled aluminium, while the interior will be made from a wide-range of recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

The World’s First Rollable TV Is Finally Here, and It Can Be Yours for a Cool $87,000 (Robb Report, 2 min read)
A revolutionary television design, which has the screen rolling down into an OLED base when not in use.

Aerial App Provides Resources to Offset Your Carbon Footprint (Cool Hunting, 2 min read)
This app tracks your carbon footprint, while offering academic advice and insights into how you can reduce it.

14 new books to treat yourself to. (Literary Hub, 5 min read)
Treat yourself to an expansive list of novels that range from biographies that detail the rise and fall of WeWork, to collections of short-story science fiction narratives.

Get ready to have your eyes melted with Ryoji Ikeda’s new ultra-immersive exhibition (Time Out London, 2 min read)
Attractions include giving visitors the feeling of ‘entering a black hole’, giant speaker sculptures, and a strobe-light tunnel.

Alexander the Great and the Two Levels (Steven Pressfield, 1 min read)
Did Alexander the Great really overthrow the Persian Empire, or was the order already at a point of decline?

Tenacity, the Art of Integration, and the Key to a Flexible Mind: Wisdom from the Life of Mary Somerville, for Whom the Word “Scientist” Was Coined (Brain Pickings, 5 min read)
Mary Somerville was a pioneer of her day, not only for being an extraordinary mathematician and scientist, but she tutored Anabella Milbanke – the world’s first computer programmer.

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now (UPROXX, 6 min read)
The list spans from action packed Marvel films, to gritty gangster classic such as The Departed, to emotionally gripping dramas such as The Virgin Suicides.

The Best Scary Movies on Netflix 2020 (GQ, 7 min read)
A great directory of Halloween themed movies this year, whether you’re watching for sheer adrenaline, or looking for a PG rated film for the kids, such as The Witches.

How well do you know the world of theatre? (OUPblog, 1 min read)
Take this quiz to spruce up on your knowledge of theatre, from Shakespearean classics, to present day performances.




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