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By Bilal Hafeez 08-11-2019
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Macro Hive Life: Japanese Secret To Happy Life / Breaking Habits / Creepy Gadgets

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At Macro Hive, we don’t just think about markets and economics, we are also keen on looking after ourselves. So we’re introducing this new newsletter, where we curate the best content from around the web on health, self-improvement, technology and fun stuff.

This week, we feature articles on how to make people remember you for life, the benefits of short runs and why ditching meat completely may be a mistake. On the tech side, we have articles on how lasers can hack Alexa, 3D printed houses and electric cars that can be charged in 10 minutes. Then on the fun side, the best action movies on Netflix, some chilling photos of old shipwrecks and an amazing video of the moon.

Also, check out my new blog on ‘7 Tips To Help the Planet and Yourself’ – most of which you can start doing tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of the letter and enjoy!


What is the Wisest Saying You’ve Ever Heard? (reddit) “To worry is to pay a debt of misery that may never come due” and many more…

As the 9-to-5 Workday Disappears, Our Lives Are Growing More Out of Sync (The Conversation) The new 9 to 5 is 24/7 and it’s putting a strain on personal life. There are now apps to help you schedule family and friends time in.

How to Make Someone Remember You For A Lifetime (YouTube) Studies Oprah Winfrey’s unbreakable ways to connect with anyone. Plenty of hugs, hand touches and strong eye contact. Summarise what your opponent just said and point out ways you two are similar.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Might Just Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life (Medium) Some of the secrets to longevity is never retiring your mind, eating until you are 80% full and adopting a slower pace of life.

Make Your Life a Million Times Easier with These 26 Smart Home Gadgets — All Under $50 (Popsugar) You might wonder how you lived without some of those after reading it.

Here’s the Scientific Reason Why It’s Better to Exercise Before Breakfast (Science Alert) Exercise increases insulin and if you do it before breakfast you have lower risk of diabetes and you burn double the amount of fat.

Here’s How Long It Actually Takes to Break a Habit, According to Science (Science Alert) It takes around 2 months – and if you stick with it for longer it will become an automatic part of you.

Running – Even a Little — Helps You Live Longer (WebMD) Any amount of running is associated with a 30% lower risk of death from heart disease, and a 23% lower risk of death from cancer.

How to Stay Fit as You Age — Into Your 60s and Beyond (Discover) Advice for those reaching retirement, depending on their fitness level. Overarching point is to never stop moving as much as you can.

Stressed to the Max? Deep Sleep Can Rewire the Anxious Brain (Berkeley News) New research finds strong evidence of the anti-anxiety properties of quality deep sleep. Medicine without drugs.

Is Ditching Meat a Game-Changer for your Health? (Peter Attia MD) The new documentary bashing meat, “Game Changers”, might be completely misleading.

One Avocado a Day Helps Lower ‘Bad’ Cholesterol For Heart Healthy Benefits (Penn State News) Avocado has a myriad of health benefits including managing cholesterol levels.

Why Have So Many New Diseases Developed in The Bagged Salads Sector? (Phys) The increasing demand of ready-to-eat salad accelerates the life cycles of plants, making them more vulnerable to infections.

New Findings on Gut Microbiome’s Interactions With Gi Diseases (Phys) Texas A&M College researchers say you need to eat your probiotics.

Ten Surprising Facts About Stressful Life Events and Disease Risk (Annual Reviews) Stress level may not play the role of the villain behind modern humans’ health problems.

Meet the Tiny Austin Company That Wants to Disrupt the Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry With Its 3-D-Printed Homes (Inc.) An 11 1/2-foot tall 3-D printer named Vulcan II can spit out the walls of an entire small house in just 24 hours. Hopes to solve homelessness.

New Tech Fully Charges an Electric Car In 10 Minutes (Science Alert) Scientists developed a new battery to overcome the “range-anxiety”; 10 minutes charge for a 200-300 mile range. The main challenge is overcoming the heating of the batteries which impacts its life cycles.

Quantitative Biology Opens Trail to Ecological Exploration, Evolutionary Prediction (Phys) New research finds surprising ways groups of bacterial cells move and link it to expansion of businesses like Google.

With a Laser, Researchers Say They Can Hack Alexa, Google Home or Siri (New York Times) You can apparently take over someone’s voice assistant from hundreds of meters away by pointing a laser or flashlight at the microphone. This would allow you to open their door, make purchases or start their car.

A Russian Startup Is Selling Robot Clones of Real People (Futurism) You can now make an order for a robot that looks like any person on Earth – for professional or personal use – thanks to a Russian start-up.

Nearly 90% Of the World’s Internet Users Are Being Monitored (Mashable) It’s not just China – the UK and the US are watching you and even training officials on how to monitor properly on anything from politics to gun violence.

Google Wants to Create The Ultimate Medical Record Search Tool For Doctors (The next web) For example, a doctor could just type the number “87” to return details about an 87-year-old patient with a history of stomach cancer.

Uber’s Self-Driving Car Didn’t Know Pedestrians Could Jaywalk (Wired) A woman died after Uber’s self-driving car failed to detect her jaywalking; Uber’s system was not equipped to identify or deal with pedestrians walking outside of a crosswalk.

Incredible Photographs of Shipwrecks (1872 – 1997) (Flashbak) Four generations of the same family photographs different shipwrecks and the results are chilling.

Aston Martin Is Making a Motorcycle that Costs [Eyes Explode] (GQ) Their first ever motorcycle will be priced at $119, 559 – and only a 100 of them will be created.

Soar Around the Moon, Carried By The Music Of Debussy, In This Breathtaking Space Flight (Aeon Videos) A beautiful video tracing the flow of sunlight over the Moon’s surface with background music by Debussy. Created by NASA.

The Easy Way to Take Better Photos Outside (Outside) Track the light (sunrise and sunset seem to work best), always have a subject present in the background and put effort into reaching the best spot.

The Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX) In what should surprise absolutely nobody, UPROXX places The Matrix as the #1 action film on Netflix. But the list has some other more obscure gems, too.

“Blade Runner” Was Set This Month. Where Are Our Flying Cars? (Futurism) A quick look into the differences between the actual technological state of the world in 2019 versus the one imagined nearly 40 years ago in Ridley Scott’s seminal movie Blade Runner.

Apple Publish ‘The Banker’ Trailer Ahead of December Theatrical Release (Screen Times) Apple TV +’s latest push towards mainstream legitimacy comes in the form of “The Banker”, a drama set in the 1960s in which Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie’s characters fight against systemic racism in the bank loans sector in a tale based on a true story.

The 20 Best Works of Nonfiction of the Decade (Lithub) In a reflective piece on the seminal non-fiction works of the decade, Lithub’s Emily Temple highlights works that feature everything from anthropogenic ecological disasters, the influence of money in politics, and the lasting effects of slavery on modern life.