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By Bilal Hafeez 30-05-2020
In: post | Hive Life Newsletter

Macro Hive Life: Eating Crickets / Overtraining / The Best Of Sherlock Holmes

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A diverse, and almost lockdown-free offering of Lifestyle blogs this week. From autofocusing glasses of the future to the five best Nintendo Switch games and the case for eating crickets, we have all tastes covered. 



Graduates, Position Yourselves to Get Hired (HBR, 4 min) Look at LinkedIn profiles of individuals who work in the same sectors you want to break into and learn the skills they acquired (i.e. programming). Leverage the experience of your mentor or join a professional society. Finally, do not just take but also give back to the community. This will lift your mood, establish a daily routine and develop soft skills all of which make you more employable.

How to Sleep Better During Quarantine (GQ, 4 min read) Are you struggling with sleep?  Get more sunshine (keeping your blinds open is one easy hack), exercise, structure your meal timings, avoid certain beverages before bed (i.e. coffee and alcohol) and have a consistent routine. All of this will help.

Stem cell treatments ‘go deep’ to regenerate sun-damaged skin (EurekAlert, 4 min read) Recently, we saw Mike Tyson at 53, able to transform his body to make a potential boxing comeback. He attributed this to stem cell therapy. And now it is shown to reverse the effect of sun-related damage to skins. This may be the future of cosmetic medicine.

4 Theories About Overtraining (Outside, 6 min read) If you are working out rigorously and instead of getting stronger, energetic and more agile, you feel fatigued. It could be that your muscles are telling you to pause, and this may not be psychological. Depleted glycogen, damaged muscle fibres (microtears), inflammation and oxidative stress are four culprits of overtraining.

Sugars could be the key to an earlier, more accurate test for prostate cancer (EurekAlert, 3 mins) Current tests have a 50% false-positive error and a 25% false-negative error (those who had prostate cancer but were not identified). Timely detection through this novel method could save a lot of lives.

Bang & Olufsen’s New 88-Inch Beovision Harmony Is the World’s First 8K OLED TV (Robb Report, 2 min read) “Its 8K OLED panel promises to produce a picture that is four times clearer than current industry-standard 4K displays, and 16 times clearer than HDTV.’’ Wow!

Autofocusing reading glasses of the future (TED, 6 min watch) This would replace the need for different lenses for different vision, as sight will automatically adjust to both near and far vision. No need to change prescription as we grow older either.

An Artificial Intelligence Program Named Jarvis Has Been Appointed Curator of the 2022 Bucharest Biennial. No, Really (Artnet News, 2 min read) “Jarvis will use deep learning in order to learn by itself from databases from universities, galleries, or art centres and select works that fit the chosen theme”. Not even Jobs in arts are safe from AI disruption!

How to Survive a Grenade Explosion (The Art of Manliness, 2 min read) Of course, this must be something you have thought of! Apparently, you have 3-5 vital seconds and your best bet is to take cover behind an object. But if that is not possible, try to get 15 feet away by leaping towards the ground and covering your head.

Aston Martin Is Making Limited-Edition Replicas of 007’s ‘Goldfinger’ Car—Complete With Gadgets (Robb Report, 4 min read) Realise your inner James Bond – the car features oil and smoke sprayers, machine guns (through gunshot sound via speakers), triple license plates, and a telephone in the driver’s door.

The Case for Eating Crickets (The New Yorker, 8 min watch) “Crickets match cows in their protein value, but raising cattle requires thirteen times more space to produce the same amount of meat, making insects an earth-conscious alternative to industrial mammal husbandry’’. I tried this, but discovered I had an allergy).

Adidas launches reusable face mask called Face Cover (Dezeen, 2 min read) It was inevitable that the fashion industry would claim the face mask.

Quentin Tarantino Made An Unexpected Pick For His Best Movie Of The 2010s (UPROXX, 2 min read) Spoiler Alert! It’s The Social Network. Timing is perfect as Trump is potentially considering an executive order on social media platforms.

The 10 Best Sherlock Holmes Stories (The Art of Manliness, 9 min read) Choosing the best ten from the classic 60 Sherlock Holmes tales would have been a difficult task. That said, titles from “A Study in Scarlet” to “The Final Problem” and  “A Scandal in Bohemia”  are amongst the few delights that made the cut.

50 Songs from a Single Year, Mixed Together Into One 3-Minute Song (1979-89) Reminisce the 1980s in this 15 minutes of five clips mashing 250 songs from diverse genres.

5 best Switch games for Nintendo newcomers (Inverse, 4 min read) Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokémon Sword and Shield, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Diablo III: Eternal Collection and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Happy to see classics like Mario still alive and kicking.

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