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By Bilal Hafeez 23-05-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Dr Seuss During COVID / Graham Green Method / Futuristic Fitness Masks

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With lockdowns remaining in place for many of us our weekly offering of Lifestyle blogs remains dominated by the virus. But one interesting aspect is that it is now impacting the past, seen in this humorous revamp of the Dr Seuss books, as well as the future.



Write Only 500 Words Per Day and Publish 50+ Books: Graham Greene’s Writing Method (OpenCulture, 11 min read) This allowed him to be consistent, creative and productive. Wow.

Preppers have gone from tin hat loonies to visionaries’ (HuckMag, 7 min read) Tips from the founder of the largest survival guide website in the UK. He discusses how to prepare for a pandemic, an electricity grid failure and surviving an apocalypse. One hint – don’t buy extra toilet rolls!

The Best Podcasts for Feeling Mentally Healthier (GQ, 6 min read) COVID has been tough on us mentally so here is a collection of top-ranked podcast recommended by leading authors, therapists, and producers. These podcasts provide strategies and coping mechanisms to keep on top of our mental health.

Good News, We Can Activate The Cells That Keep Our Muscles From Wasting Away After 30 (ScienceAlert, 4 min read) Once you hit thirty, being active is even more pertinent if you don’t want to experience accelerated muscle loss. Exercise helps replace, repair and rejuvenate satellite cells. These cells are the main culprit behind muscle growth and muscle regeneration.

Obesity not related to how close you live to fast food or gyms (EurekAlert, 2 min read) New research from Sweden finds that the presence of fast food outlets or the absence of gyms have no bearing on obesity rates, although the link was discovered between “neighbourhood deprivation” ( i.e. low average income) and obesity.

Mindfulness training shows promise for people with MS (EurekAlert, 4 min read) Multiple Sclerosis patients who practice mindfulness were able to enhance their processing speed and coped well with negative emotions. Some of these practices included: being present in the moment, accepting your current situation, focusing on breathing and doing mental “body scan’.

Physicists Just Built The First Working Prototype Of A ‘Quantum Radar’ (Science Alert, 4 min read) This could one day help build better MRI and give doctors alternative and more effective ways to identify different types of cancer.

AI successfully used to identify different types of brain injuries (University of Cambridge, 5 min read) A machine learning tool based on an artificial neural network that can identify and differentiate types of brain lesions. This technology can potentially save many lives by quickly identifying which patients need treatment.

Reebok’s fitness masks point to an even more dystopian future (FastCompany, 4 min read) Reebok is working on three different futuristic fitness masks. These will not only protect the user from pollution and viruses but also be able to capture the information about wearers oxygen levels and vitals.

The Best Wearable Tech of 2020 (Outside, 4 min read) Gadgets that will help you make the most out of your workouts from Nurvv Run insoles, that help you analyse your running progress, to the Fitbit fitness tracker that can help monitor sleep and calories from exercise. If you are into Yoga, it also features a Headband that can measure your brainwaves and breathing patterns.

A Japanese Guide To Beating Killer Flu from 1918 (FlashBai,4 min read) ‘’The 455-page manual featured charts and 4 rules to beat the bug: stay away; cover your mouth and nose; get vaccinated; and gargle’’. Some of the posters can even be used today for public health awareness.

Bane-Themed Masks From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Are Apparently A Pandemic Go-To For Comic Book Fans (UPROXX, 4 min read) If he is helping bring the R down, is he really a villain?

Dr Seuss Reimagined for the Pandemic (KOTTKE, 1 min read) Revamped titles and covers of Dr Seuss books as a parody of Dr Fauci. Adding some humor to life with Coronavirus.

These Air Jordan 1s Are the Most Expensive Sneakers Ever (GQ, 4 min read) A pair of Jordan 1s (signed and worn by Michael Jordan) were auctioned at $560,000. It’s not just stocks that have been rallying!

Nine Tearjerker Movies Guaranteed to Leave You Bawling (GQ, 6 min read) Just as in mathematics, negative times negative is positive, going through a wave of grieve can potentially make us feel great about our current situation.  Here is a list of poignant movies you can stream ranging from classics like ‘’Titanic’’ to new names such ‘’Manchester by the Sea’’.

All 9 Planet of the Apes Movies, Ranked (GIZMODO, 9 min read) Even though the recent sequels like the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014 ) and War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) ranked highly, but the number one spot went to the original Planet of the Apes (1968).

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