By Bilal Hafeez 27-06-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Digital Detox / Handling Criticism / TikTok For Business

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Our Lifestyle blogs this week focus on becoming more robust mentally, physically and socially. From how to handle criticism, dealing with bad luck, elbow strikes and the benefits of resistance bands, we have it covered. And for our Netflix selection this week we rewind back to the 90s. 



7 Ways Successful People Handle Criticism (PicktheBrain, 6 min read) One vital strategy is to distinguish between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. If it’s constructive, act on it to become a stronger version of yourself. And if it’s destructive (attack on your self-esteem, confidence, or character) either ignore it or confront the culprit.

What Are The Top 7 Priorities To Have In Life? (LifeHack, 12 min read) According to this article they are; your life mission, physical health, quality time with family, healthy relationships, mental health, finances, and self-improvement. Striving to balance these will serve as a recipe for a meaningful and happier life.

Don’t punish yourself for bad luck (LessWrong, 5 min read) The idea of bad luck is explained in terms of a moral-hazard problem. The key is to not to give yourself a hard time because of random influences in the world. Just focus on the task at hand and think of these external influences as a constraint that comes and goes.

8 Ways A Digital Detox Will Increase Your Productivity (Addicted2Success, 6 min read) I check my phone only three times a day to ensure technology does not hinder my productivity or divert my attention away from markets.

Blitz Calories With This 7-Move, No-Gear, 24-Minute Workout (Men’sHealth, 5 min read) Duck walk to squat jump, push up and plank touch, lateral bound to burpee, crab bridge to knee lift, gator roll, and lateral bear crawl to bird dog. These no-equipment exercises will both torch fat and build functional strength.

The Health Benefits of Turmeric, and How to Get More of It (MarksDailyApple, 3 min read) Anti-inflammatory benefits, fat loss, and reduced chance of developing type 2 diabetes are all benefits of turmeric. You can add the powder form in cooking, or try turmeric supplements in capsule form – like I do.

How to Get a Full-Body Strength Workout With Just Resistance Bands (GQ, 6 min read) If your gym is still closed, worry not – resistance bands are the answer.

USC-led study: Protein in mitochondria appears to regulate health and longevity (EurekAlert, 5 min read) “Having greater amounts of the peptide humanin is closely correlated with longer lives and better health in both animals and humans, including lower risk for Alzheimer’s.”

First Look: The New 367 HP Electric Motorcycle Vying to Set a New World Speed Record (RobbReport, 3 min read) This “rocket on wheels” is set to break the 205mph mark next July and set a new world record for speed in electric motorcycles. Extraordinary!

How 3D printing could help save lives in war-torn Syria (FastCompany, 10 min read) 3D printing technology can help save lives following blast injuries engineering replacement tissue.

New York City could have an e-scooter pilot program by March (TechCrunch, 8 min read) E-scooters could prove to be more sustainable and safer way to commute amidst the pandemic rather than taking the subway.

The Best Ceramic Knives to Slice Through Tough Foods With Ease (RobbReport, 5 min read) I have recently taken up cooking as a hobby – this list will come in handy for ‘effortless dicing’.

TikTok launches TikTok For Business for marketers, takes on Snapchat with new AR ads (TechCrunch, 8 min read) It could potentially eat away at ad revenues of other platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

How to Check the Battery Health on All Your Apple Devices (Life Hacker, 4 min read) Handy!

3 Ways to Throw an Elbow Strike (ArtofManliness, 1 min read) If you ever find yourself in a self-defence situation – elbow strikes can be a blunt force.

The Best ’90s Movies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX, 20 min read) A few of the titles to get you into a nostalgic mood include: The Matrix (1999), Bad Boys (1995), Groundhog Day (1993) and The Silence of The Lambs (1991).

The Best Books and Movies About Americans in Europe (to Replace the Trip to Europe You Can’t Go On This Year) (GQ, 12 min read) This list features both new novels like Barcelona Days (2020) and a plethora of classics.

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