By Bilal Hafeez 11-09-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Decision-Making The Bayes Way / Sounds Of Forest / Lifesaving Mnemonics

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We have found some terrific tips on productivity, making rational decisions and retaining eye contact. We also feature an article that brings you sounds of the forest from six different continents. On the innovation front, we discovered a fascinating essay written by AI – trying to convince us that robots won’t harm us.

Finally, on a lighter note, we bring you awarding-winning funny clicks of animals and 11 underrated books to keep you entertained.




How an 18th-century priest gave us the tools to make better decisions (Vox, 9 min read) Use principles from Bayes’ theorem to reason better and make rational decisions.

Optimism as a choice (Seth’s Blog, 1 min read) Wise words  –  can be turned into a life lesson.

9 Lifesaving Mnemonics Every Man Should Know (The Art of Manliness,5 min) Useful in case of emergency.

Make Better “Eye Contact” (1000 Lifehacks,1 min read) Try looking at ears no one can tell the difference and its a better anchor for your vision.

The GQ 2020 Fitness Awards (GQ,20 min read) 70 top workout products from tech to clothing.

Exercise improves learning and memory in young adults (EurekAlert, 1 min read) A review of 13 studies reveal that working out between two minutes to one hour at moderate to high intensity can enhance attention, concentration, learning and memory functions for up to 2 hours.

All About the Liver, and How to Support Your Favorite Detoxification Organ (Marks Daily APPLE, 6 min read) Includes 11 tips for maintaining a healthier liver

Google to block search suggestion in run-up to US election (Popular Mechanics, 1 min read) This is to combat fake news and targeted misinformation to control US election results

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? (The Guardian, 6 min read) If you are just born, and your first words are ‘I will not kill you’, is precisely the reason to be scared.

Facebook returns to its roots with Campus, a college student-only social network (Tech Crunch, 4 min read) Facebook is trying to solve the “teen problem”, where its younger demographic is shifting to Snapchat, Youtube and TikTok. Unfortunately, only those with school email address ( will be able to join.

15 of the Funniest Finalists from the 2020 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards (Peta Pixel, 2 min read) Giraffe trying to crash into the frame made me laugh the hardest—nice dose of comic relief, all in all.

Sounds of the Forest: A Free Audio Archive Gathers the Sounds of Forests from All Over the World (Open Culture, 3 min read) This article documents audio from six continents. I admit the melody of nature is indeed calming!

22 of the weirdest concept motorcycles ever made (Popular Science, 12 min read) These designs never caught on, but are bold nevertheless!

How to Escape From an Erupting Volcano (Wired, 3 min read) Don’t fear!  There are ways to protect yourself!

11 Great Books You Probably Haven’t Read (But Should) (Lit Hub, 10 min read) These top gems from different genres will help you keep engaged. Past Scents: Historical Perspectives on Smell by Jonathan Reinarz — looks very interesting.




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