By Bilal Hafeez 20-11-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Create Your Own Luck / NASA’s Flying Taxis / Tips For Thanksgiving

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This week, we bring you a range of improvements that you can incorporate into work and home life; explore how overconfidence can damage the office, as well as mastering the art of creating your own good luck. We also have an excellent podcast on how you can stress less about sleep and improve your mental well-being.

On the innovation side, NASA is looking to the future of travel as plans are set in place to develop the world’s first ‘flying taxis’, a true breakthrough for public transport! As Thanksgiving will soon be upon us, check out a guide on how to have a pandemic-appropriate feast this year.

Finally, for entertainment we have an assortment of films, spanning from the comedic genre to more thrilling Oscar-winning films, a great way to enjoy those cosy nights indoors.



Episode Twenty-Seven: The Virtue Of Selflessness (Steven Pressfield, 2 min read) One ‘warrior’ virtue that constantly gets overlooked is selflessness, deriving from the ancient psychology of warfare, where the ‘unit’ is more important than the individual.

Overconfidence Is Contagious (Harvard Business Review, 3 min read) Ultimately, overconfidence can transmit from employee to employee, harnessing an unhealthy workplace culture. Understanding the danger of this can help to identify the ‘roots of dysfunction’ and contribute towards an efficient business.

Podcast #662: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck (The Art of Manliness, 45 min listen) Some points to note down; i) unexpected good luck that comes from our own actions; ii) becoming more realistic about unexpectedness; iii) bad-luck in the moment can lead to good-luck in the long run.

Entitlement fails (Seth Godin, 1 min read) An attitude of entitlement will not bring you your desires, it will merely make you miserable when attaining the things you get.

Podcast #661: Get Better Sleep by Stressing About It Less (The Art of Manliness, 1 hr listen) Worrying about your quality of sleep can be the root cause of sleep-deprivation. In reality, we’re probably getting more sleep than we think!

Strength Training for Lower-Back Pain (Outside Magazine, 5 min read) If you experience any lower back pain, don’t avoid doing exercise to fix it! Samuel Spinelli recommends doing these five moves three times a week, which will build strength and confidence over time.

Rethinking the Cross-Training Paradox (Outside Magazine, 3 min read) If you want to improve your endurance, take a look at strength training. It can stiffen your tendons, which contributes towards running efficiency.

An AI tool can distinguish between a conspiracy theory and a true conspiracy (Nieman Lab, 4 min read) Perhaps this will improve the future of early warning systems that can track and debunk conspiracy theories.

An Ultra High-Resolution ‘Snowflake Camera’ Captures the Extraordinary Details of Snow Crystals (Colossal, 2 min read) Using short-pulse, high-speed LED lights, the shots of these snowflakes highlight their crystal structure, almost resembling Christmas décor.

How quinoa can help combat hunger and malnutrition | Cedric Habiyaremye (TED Talks, 6 min video) The quinoa crop has all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. This means it can be used to battle malnutrition in developing economies.

How NASA Is Working to Give Us the Flying Taxis We Were Promised (Robb Report, 4 min read) The testing phase will begin next month, with plans to have the taxis operational by 2023.

Your Guide to Throwing an Outdoor Thanksgiving (Outside Magazine, 3 min read) The article recommends wearing your mask and ensuring social distancing as a rule, and use open-fire cooking for your food. For instance, grill or smoke your turkey, roast your veggies on a fire, and prep all your food beforehand.

Sounds of the Eighties (The New Yorker, 3 min read) This mixtape can project you back in time, containing every chart-topping song of the 80’s… the only mixtape of its kind.

The best takeout and delivery options for Thanksgiving this year (TimeOut New York, 5 min read) If you’re not having a traditional Thanksgiving this year due to COVID, here is an appetizing list of great places great places that provide excellent Thanksgiving meals.

The Best Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now (UPROXX, 5 min read) Browse through this catalogue of some great Oscar-worthy movies, perfect for a cozy weekend in.

The Best Comedies On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX, 5 min read) Here are 30 great comedies, and ranked at number 1 is a film from the Monty Python series.

Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland Look Like They’re in for a Wild Ride in Chaos Walking’s First Trailer (i09, 1 min read) An exciting sci-fi film to look forward to in the new year!




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