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By Bilal Hafeez 04-07-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Calendar Management / Float Therapy / The Future Of Shopping

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Our Lifestyle blogs this week continue to focus on self improvement. From techniques to improve calendar skills to a novel tool to rest efficiently. We also feature a blog on how celebrities use sensory deprivation tanks to become mentally and physically sharper.

For our TV fix we feature a list of options to share your favourite streaming experiences while socially distancing (Netflix Party!).



4 Techniques To Improve Your Calendar Skills (Asian Efficiency, 4 min read) Choose a calendar you are comfortable with (analogue calendars also work fine), don’t use your calendar as a task manager or to-do list, colour code your calendar events and don’t fill your schedule to the brink.

The Lost Art of True Rest (Zen Habits, 4 min read) A quick yet powerful technique. Lay down with your eyes closed and use your mind-muscle connection to scan for tense micro muscles throughout your body. And try to relax those muscles deliberately.

I Tried A Float Tank: The Best Recovery Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Men’s Health, 5 min read) Celebrities including Wayne Rooney and Joe Rogan are big fans of sensory deprivation tanks. Apparently it improves creativity, mental focus, reduces stress and improves muscle recovery.

Build Stronger Sentences (1000 Life Hacks, 1 min read) Avoid ‘just’ or ‘really’ to convey a stronger message.

The Lower Body Workout To Make Up For Skipping Leg Day (Men’s Health, 4 min read) If you skip leg days you risk building a physique that looks like an ‘upside-down pyramid’. Some exercises that focus on the lower body include mountain climbers, arms-overhead squat, sumo squats, Romanian deadlifts and lateral lunge.

Stretching your legs may help prevent diseases such as heart diseases and diabetes (Eurek Alert, 2 min read) Improve vascular health without any drugs or surgical interventions. Stretching improves blood flow by making it easier for arteries to dilate and also makes them less stiff.

15 Quick Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle (Lifehack, 10 min read) From the tips included in the article – I incorporate HIIT, avoid sugar and do intermittent fasting. Consistency is key!

Festo’s latest biomimetic robots are a flying feathered bird and ball-bottomed helper arm (Tech Crunch, 5 min read) Your next robot could look like a bird, intriguing!

See the future of online shopping. It looks nothing like Amazon (Fast Company, 8 min read) Diesel has created a virtual showroom that mimics their physical retail shop. The virtual showroom is immersive and the experience allows the buyer to get a 360 view of every garment, allows textures to be inspected and there is a virtual concierge to guide the buyer.

Kanye West Wants Shopping to Be Art (GQ, 6 min read) Only 9% of luxury transactions happen online. Will Kanye’s new fashion project (Yeezy Supply) turn this around?

Some Computers and Cellphones From the ’90s (Gizmodo,4 min read) This will make you nostalgic for Windows 95 and colourful iMacs from 1998. I would love to hear what your favourite tech is from the ’90s.

Scared to go back to the gym? Don’t worry, your very own shower curtain cage awaits (Fast Company, 2 min read) From online fitness classes offered on Zoom to this plexiglass cube, these are the signs of new normal until a vaccine is released.

BMW wants to sell you subscriptions to your car’s features (Tech Crunch, 8 min read) Cars are becoming increasingly smart with digital keys, personal assistance, infotainment and more ways to integrate your phones. But car companies are also becoming smarter in extracting money out of you!

The best wireless earbuds to buy right now (The Verge, 8 min read) Whether your top use is fitness, multitasking, Zoom calls or just everyday use – these picks have you covered.

How to Watch Movies and Shows With Other People (Gizmodo, 5 min read) Parties over Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, Scener, Kast, TwoSeven, the list goes on. These are just some of the options to watch shows with others without being physically together.

The Best ’80s Movies On Netflix Right Now (UPROXX, 10 min read) Top picks include: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), Tootsie (1982), Back To The Future (1985), Child’s Play (1988), Eddie Murphy: Delirious (1983), ET (1982), The Money Pit (1986), She’s Gotta Have It (1986) and Urban Cowboy (1980).

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