By Bilal Hafeez 30-10-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Buddhist-Style Meditation / Virtual Time Travel / Supreme Court Novels

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This week we reveal practices on focus, and bring you some useful tips on how to remain motivated whilst strength training. On innovation, we feature breakthroughs including a solar-powered cycle helmet that can detect and alert for oncoming cars, plus one from Google on virtual time travel.

We also include at a great list of novels about the Supreme Court and some fascinating info on sustainable Japanese forestry techniques. For your TV fix, we have brought you a selection of sci-fi and fantasy films.



The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment: Psychologist Daniel Goleman Explains the Power of Focus (Open Culture, 3 min read)
Practicing Buddhist-style meditation is just one way to live our lives to the fullest, which enables us to see, engage, and hear what we need to focus on.

Growing a Manufacturing Company with a Social Mission (Harvard Business Review, 5 min read)
Emphasising your business products, as well as showcasing the social drive to hire people who need a ‘second chance’, may strengthen and broaden your market.

Notes on Honesty (LessWrong, 7 min read)
One way to become more honest is to overcome our fears of the truth, and second is how to communicate honestly.

The successful scientist (Seth’s Bog, 2 min read)
Know the rules, understand the thinking behind these rules, test what others haven’t thought to do, publish your results, and explain what you did clearly.

To Strength Train Right, Trust Your Feelings (Outside Magazine, 3 min read)
If you feel like you’re beginning to fail, you should trust that gut feeling, but more importantly, stick to your workout plan and doing something is better than nothing.

New study shows food rich in omega-3 EPA & ALA can reduce risk of death after heart attack (EurekAlert!, 5 min read)
The ALA and EPA omega-3 can be found in fatty fish and nuts, and is found to improve outcomes of those who suffer from heart attacks.

Workplace interruptions lead to physical stress (EurekAlert!, 3 min read)
The study shows that additional interruptions led to a better emotional and cognitive response to stress, as interruptions could distract participants from social stress situations.

This New Smart Bicycle Helmet Actually Warns You When Vehicles Are Approaching (Robb Report, 2 min read)
Not only does this helmet alert for vehicles, but is solar powered and contains an in-built microphone that can understand basic commands.

LG’s Latest Earbuds, With Noise Cancellation and a Germ-Killing Case, Are So 2020 (Robb Report, 2 min read)
Useful for a commute, these earbuds will remain turned on for five hours with the noise-cancelling feature, and its germ-combatting case certainly comes in handy during the COVID period.

This incredible Google experiment lets you time travel to your hometown 200 years ago (Fast Company, 4 min read)
The virtual map was built from historical fire insurance maps, and a precise information about each area, including building sizes, heights, roof shapes, and materials.

Bugatti’s New Hypercar Concept Is a Rocket With 1,825 Horsepower—and X-Wing-Like Taillights (Robb Report, 3 min read)
The automaker has called it the ‘most extreme, uncompromising, fastest and lightest vehicle concept’.

Here’s What 10 Million Stars Look Like (, 1 min read)
What’s even more incredible is that this shows only a small part of our galaxy alone.

Rediscovering “Columbo” in 2020 (The New Yorker, 1 min read)
This humorous comic breaks down the written formula of the Columbo franchise.

A Japanese Forestry Technique Prunes Upper Branches to Create a Tree Platform for More Sustainable Harvests (Colossal, 3 min read)
Daisugi is a technique that offers a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing approach to forestry. The method involves pruning the branches so that the remaining shoots grow straight upward from a platform.

Best Books on the Supreme Court | Five Books Expert Recommendations (The Browser, 6 min read)
An insightful list that provides a window into the history of the supreme court. Books include socially relevant novels such as From Jim Crow to Civil Rights, as well as informative novels such as The American Supreme Court.

How New York City Ballet Took On the Pandemic (The New Yorker, 2 min read)
Despite the troubles that the pandemic has brought upon the art’s industry, creativity can still be harnessed indoors.

The Nerd’s Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in November (i09, 5 min read)
A breakdown of films released by date, the list includes Halloween themed films and moves onto festive favourites.

Artist Jim Shaw Unleashes a Dystopian, Dantesque Vision of American Politics in a New Show in London—See Images Here (Artnet News, 5 min read)
‘Shaw is a collector of images from bygone phases of American life, and he disperses them like Easter eggs in his raucous, cutting works, marrying them to more contemporary images.’




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