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By Bilal Hafeez 24-10-2019
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Macro Hive Exclusives: The Uncredible ECB / Credit’s Yield Problem/ Upcoming Left Populism

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I wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who completed our feedback survey. We’ve been overwhelmed by the scale of responses. It really helps guide us to making a better product. Here’s my selection of feedback:

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Ok, back to today’s exclusives. I write on the latest European data and why the ECB is losing credibility. Credit guru, John Tierney, explains why low rates are actually the problem for credit markets. UK expert, Jason Simpson, thinks the Bank of England could still cut rates even with Brexit optimism. Finally, big thinker, Gary Licht, describes how populism is about to swing to the left across major developed countries.




ECB Has Lost Credibility (2 min read) The latest European PMI data shows some stabilisation but the market is losing faith in the ECB, fast. Will Largarde follow the BoJ in in more experimental asset purchases.

( Bilal Hafeez | 24th October, 2019 )



Falling Yields Are The Risk For Credit (4 min read) Rate risk is different from credit risk, and credit investors know it. So worry less about rates and more about downgrade and fallen angel risks.

( John Tierney | 24th October, 2019 )

BoE Could Ease More Than You Think Even With Brexit Vote (4 min read) Despite seeing some light at the end of the Brexit tunnel, the UK economy is still fragile. UK expert expects the BoE will cut rates more than the market expects.

( Jason Simpson | 24th October, 2019 )



Left Wing Populism Is Coming (6 min read) Numerous factors are converging that could see populism lurch to the left. These include protests against incumbent right wing populists, the youth vote and cooling of immigration fears.

( Gary Licht | 24th October, 2019 )

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