Don’t Doubt, Try the Difference

I’m a fan of Derek Sivers. He’s a music entrepreneur turned wise owl. To give you a taste of his thoughts, here’s what he thinks about doubt:

‘If you’re in doubt about something that’s not in your life, try it. Things are so different in practice versus in theory. The only way to know is to experience it yourself.’

Try it examples:

Lean on the side of yes. Try it. If it was a mistake, at least you’ll know first-hand, instead of always wondering.

If you’re in doubt about something that’s in your life already, get rid of it. Not just things, this goes for identities, habits, goals, relationships, technology, and anything else. Default to not having it, then see how you do without.

Get rid of it examples:

Lean on the side of no. Get rid of it. Start with a clean slate, if it was a mistake, you’ll get it back with a renewed enthusiasm.

(The common thread is to make the change, to know first-hand.)

Get rid of everything examples:

Wise words! Now, time to follow them.


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