7 TV Shows To Watch

I’m always on the look out for good TV shows and I’m sure you are too. So to save you some time, here are seven that I really liked:

The Boys (Amazon) – this is a wild wild show. If you think there is a line a TV show shouldn’t cross, then this show proudly steps over it. The show is essentially a twisted superhero show where the superheroes act more like villains. The latest season is action-packed, has great story arcs and continues to show the depravity of people.

The Bear (Hulu) – a recent discovery. This show follows a star chef having to return home to run the family restaurant. It shows the pressures of working in a kitchen, but also reveals the tensions in the family. Great show.

Severance (Apple) – a quirky but very engaging show. The premise is that you can become severed, which means you split yourself into your work self and your personal self. And the two selves don’t know each other. Sounds wacky and it is, but the show is well worth a watch.

The Dropout (Disney) – this drama is based on Elizabeth Holmes who ran the fraudulent health start-up  – Theranos. I found Amanda Seyfried’s, who plays Elizabeth, voice irritating, but apparently that’s how she spoke. The show kinda grew on me.

Euphoria (HBO) – I only recently discovered this show and what an original and modern show it is. It follows the lives of a bunch of teenagers as they deal with drugs and relationships. Even though it’s about teens, it’s a show for grown-ups too with heavy topics and explicit (often male) scenes. Pioneering.

Attack on Titan (web) – I’m a fan of anime and the heavyweight of this category, AoT, released its fourth season earlier this year. Not as good as earlier seasons, but it remains one of the best.


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