By Macro Dilettante Bilal Hafeez 28-03-2020

Ep. 2: An Original Take On The COVID Crisis – Time As A Symptom

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Macro Hive Conversations With Bilal Hafeez
Ep. 2: An Original Take On The COVID Crisis – Time As A Symptom

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In this episode, we’re lucky to have a conversation with one of the most original macro thinkers, the Macro Dilettante. He prefers not to disclose his name, but I’ve known him for years and is a super experienced market pro having worked at asset managers, in alternative investments and at pension funds. Back in January, he warned me about the global consequences of COVID and I mistakenly didn’t heed his advice until much later.

During our conversation, we talk about the importance of understanding time as well prices in markets, the significance of pension funds in this crisis, the possibility of bonds selling-off and what policymakers should do to fix the crisis.

You can read some of his work here:

“This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours”

2020 Grey Swan: Markets Are Shut

The Global Bear Market Nobody Talks About

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The Macro Dilettante spent 6 years as a Physicist. He has worked in financial markets since 1988. His experience incorporates  fixed income and foreign exchange in Global Markets. His roles have included Head of Global Foreign Exchange at an asset manager , Head of Euro Liquidity at a UK bank, Portfolio Manager for several Alternative Asset managers. Most recently as Head of Market’s & Investment Director responsible for Fixed Income at a UK Pension Fund.



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