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Hive Life: Time Management Tips / Beat WFH Stress / Is Reality a Simulation?

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This week, we bring you tips on time management to increase productivity levels and learning to practice gratitude to connect with others. Moving to health and fitness, beat the stress of working from home by listening to a playlist for meditation.

On the innovation side, researchers at MIT have developed an algorithm that can virtually unfold a centuries-old letter, and read about how Pythagoras was a revolutionary for music. Finally, for entertainment read a book recommended by Barry Eichengreen or check out a list of great films directed by women of colour.



Time Management 101: 6 Tips for Better Productivity (StartupNation, 1 min read)
Here is a short list of tips on how to improve your productivity. Colour-code your activities and track your time when doing tasks. This will help you to focus on areas that need improving and will give you extra time. And don’t forget to take breaks!

5 Ways to Practice Gratitude to Apreciate and Connect With Others (Power of Positivity, 5 min read)
It can be tough maintaining close connections on top of a work-filled schedule, however it is important to practice forging bonds with your loved ones. One way to do this is to express gratitude.

Staying at the Edge of Uncertainty (zen habits, 3 min read)
Being on the edge of uncertainty can be intimidating, but it is also where we can learn, grow, and create. This blog post provides some recommendations on how to train yourself daily to withstand uncertainty, including how to embrace the uncertainty.

There’s No Such Thing as an Empty Calorie (Outside Magazine, 4 min read)
This nutrition expert advises that thinking of an ‘empty’ or ‘useless’ calorie is an unproductive way of thinking about food. Instead, she reminds us that all calories are nutritious, and carbs are fuel, and it is all about choosing the more nutritious foods over high-sugar and saturated foods.

11 ways to beat the stress of working from home (Complete Wellbeing, 5 min read)
Some of the problems that we face when working from home are not being able to separate professional and personal life, lack of social connections, and no sense of timing. Here are some tips that you can practice if you are feeling the physical and mental strain of WFH.

Relaxation Requested? This Meditative Throwback Playlist Has Your Back (Greatest Health, 1 min read)
This playlist on Spotify is a great way to revisit past songs and get in the mood for meditation and relaxation. Perfect after a long day’s work.

Researchers read centuries-old sealed letter without ever opening it (Big Think, 3 min read)
Researchers at MIT have developed an algorithm that is able to virtually unfold a centuries-old letter dated back to 1637. The new technology is considered a breakthrough, as it enables the preservation of old letters, while still giving historians the relevant insights.

NASA’s Experimental Electric Airplane Edges Closer to Its First Flight (i09, 3 min read)
NASA’s first crewed experimental plane in over 20 years is solely electric powered, which according to aerospace engineer’s, has changed the design of planes.

Physicist creates AI algorithm that may prove reality is simulation (Big Think, 3 min read)
Physicist Hong Qin has created an AI algorithm which may lead to discoveries in energy which brings to the fore the likelihood that reality could be a simulation. You can also read the scientific paper he has published on it.

‘Fossils of the 20th Century Civilization’ in Tokyo, Japan (Atlas Obscura, 1 min read)
This modern art installation is a mural that tells the history of Japan, from the beginning of the universe to Tokyo’s development over the years. Located in a train station, it is made from scrap metal that depicts the city’s technological growth.

How Pythagoras and Sappho Radicalized Music and Revolutionized the World (Brain Pickings, 3 min read)
At a period when musical instruments were still in the basic stages of development, Pythagoras discovered the relationship between musical harmony and mathematics. After being captivated by the sound of hammers, he analysed and weighed them, discovering the mathematical relationship of harmony – their masses were exact ratios of one another.

How To Ritualize Tea Time (NYT, 2 min read)
Tea has many great health benefits and can combat burnout, so here are some ways where you develop the ritual of drinking tea and fit it round your busy schedule. And if you’re not a tea drinker, you can take these ritual habits and apply them to any other drink you enjoy.

Barry Eichengreen: Putting Pen to Paper for Understanding (The Reading Lists, 5 min read)
A professor of economics, Barry Eichengreen has a full list of great novels that he has read. He gives his opinion on the ‘greatest’ economics books, his favourite book as a child, and what he is reading now. He also gave me his book recommendations in our recent podcast show that featured him. You can listen to it here.

3 New Fiction Books Explore Disaster and Survival (Outside Magazine, 3 min read)
These fiction novels seem to have a common theme amongst them – climate change, disaster, and survival. These books are great to absorb when you’re winding down and in need of a fictional tale.

15 Films You Need to Watch, Directed by Women of Color (Life Hacker, 3 min read)
This list of films is definitely worth checking out, with some well-known films and names, as well as new ones to discover.




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