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Hive Life: Leading Through Uncertainty / Heart Made In Space / China’s Cultural Revolution

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This week, adopt specific strategies to manoeuvre through uncertainty and improve consistency to improve your chance of success. For health and fitness, read tips for a better workout recovery and learn to incorporate metabolic conditioning workouts into your routine.

On innovation, a new algorithm could transform the way we treat cancer, and medical technologies could be built in space. To distract yourself, listen to a podcast on what it means to be ‘genius’ and explore photographs of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Finally, for entertainment, read an excerpt from a novel on surviving China’s Cultural Revolution, or find a new book to read from a list of novels.



The Power of Consistency When Working Towards a Goal (Addicted 2 Success, 4 min read)
Consistent repetition of certain behaviours can help you focus on the process that will lead to success. Benefits include improved focus, reducing anxiety, and increasing odds of success.

6 Strategies for Leading Through Uncertainty (Harvard Business Review, 4 min read)
To lead effectively in a time of uncertainty, leaders must learn to lead themselves. Condition yourself to embrace the discomfort of the unknown, let go of perfectionism, and distinguish between complicated and complex.

The 4 Principles to Excellence (Addicted 2 Success, 4 min read)
These practices for athletes can be applied to achieving success at your business or organisation. Some practices include toughness, repetition, and structure.

How Perfectionism Leads to Athlete Burnout (Outside Magazine, 3 min read)
Overtraining can lead to less recovery time and eventually burnout. This study shows that those who have a perfectionist attitude tend to burnout quicker in a sport.

5 tips for better workout recovery (The Fitnessista, 2 min read)
Here are some tips that could benefit your workout recovery, including having a balanced workout routine, hot baths or sauna, good hydration and solid nutrition.

The Four Cs of Metabolic Conditioning (Breaking Muscle, 3 min read)
Metabolic conditioning needs to be incorporated in systematic and structured workouts. The four C’s are 1) Cyclical for robust aerobic system, 2) Circuit training, 3) Chipper-style workouts, 4) Constant Variance.

How AI Is Reshaping Medicine As We Know It (Pick the Brain, 2 min read)
A number of ways AI is reshaping medicine include R&D, education and training, mental health, and medical trial analysis.

New cancer algorithm flags genetic weaknesses in tumours (University of Cambridge, 4 min read)
The algorithm uses data from thousands of NHS cancer patient samples and helps to characterise a tumour through genome sequencing. This could help transform the way cancers are treated and save many lives.

Need a New Heart? Get It From Space (OZY, 4 min read)
This start up wants to use the ISS to make specific types of fibre-optic cables that are hard to produce with gravity. The benefits of microgravity include helping to discover cures to diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Exclusive Photos Inside the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (PetaPixel, 4 min read)
These photographs of the Chernobyl Power Plant are eerily eye-opening, containing many untouched artefacts.

Podcast #703: The Hidden Qualities of Genius (The Art of Manliness, 42 min podcast)
This podcast unlocks the meaning of ‘genius’, questioning its connection with intelligence, what makes an idea or person ‘genius’, and the value of curiosity.

You (Probably) Can’t Everest Mount Everest (Outside Magazine, 3 min read)
If you’ve ever considered climbing Mount Everest, this article breaks down how you could ‘Everest’ Everest; climbing up the summit twice and then up to camp III. However, as pointed out, this is practically impossible, but fun to think about!

12 new books to get your hands on right now. (Literary Hub, 2 min read)
Check out these 12 books and expand your reading list.

“Let the paint dry” — a lesson in creativity, career and patience | Daniel J. Watts (TEDTalks, 10 min read)
Artist Daniel J. Watts shares his perspective on reframing the pandemic as an opportunity for artists to reflect and reset.

Light the Fire and Fan the Flames: Surviving China’s Cultural Revolution (Literary Hub, 5 min read)
Read this excerpt from Kent Wong, who details life under the cultural revolution and the problems many people faced.





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