By Bilal Hafeez 19-02-2021
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Hive Life: Face Your Fears / ‘Junk Science’ Debunked / The Rover On Mars

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This week, we bring you advice on how to face your fears and how to make better decisions. For health and fitness, listen to a podcast debunking the latest diet tips, and introduce habits that will improve your physical health.

On the innovation side, NASA’s rover that landed on Mars is the big news. Its goal is to collect ‘Martian’ samples that will hopefully reveal much about the planet! To distract yourself, read about an investment fund manager who has just set a new record for diving under a volcanic mountain in Hawaii, and entertain yourself with a book, love song, or a short film.



What I Learned About Facing Fear from Cold Swimming (zen habits, 3 min read)
Taking the plunge into cold water made this individual realise what she was avoiding in life and taught her to face her fears. Some of the advice she gives is to make your tasks meaningful, don’t overthink, find the joy and fun in whatever you have to do, and try to fall in love with it.

Podcast #685: How to Decide (The Art of Manliness, 1 hour listen)
Making tough decisions is part of everyday life. The guest of this podcast, Annie Duke, discusses how to make better decisions, and how better decision-making can make you more resilient.

What you can do to fight climate change (Gates Notes, 2 min video)
Watch this video on how to contribute to a greener world. Encourage your superiors to buy green products, and opt for plant-based versions.

How to Eat When You’re Injured (Outside Magazine, 4 min read)
If you’re injured and taking a break from exercise, these tips could help you stay on the right track. Tips include sticking to whole foods rather than supplements, and make sure you’re eating enough.

Dr. O‪z (Maintenance Phase, 55 min listen)
This fun podcast explores ‘junk science’, debunking coffee bean extracts, conversion therapy, and raspberry ketones.  

6 Daily Habits That Will Improve Your Physical Health (Thrive Global, 3 min read)
Start incorporating some of these habits into your daily routine such as exercising, increasing your fibre intake, and keeping your surroundings clean.

Cambridge researcher joins NASA science mission searching for signs of past life on Mars (University of Cambridge, 4 min read)
The NASA rover, Perseverance, will be taking samples from Mars with the hope that it could reveal past ‘Martian’ life. When the rocks return, it will mark the first time in human history that rocks from Mars can be examined in person.

Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land on Mars Live (Kottke, 1 min read)
And you can watch the Perseverance land here!

The cosmologist modelling the Universe with maths (University of Cambridge, 3 min read)
Through the use of mathematics and computational modelling, Dr. Tobias Baldauf is helping scientists answer some of the remaining questions about the Universe.

Archaeologists Find the Earliest Work of “Abstract Art,” Dating Back 73,000 Years (Open Culture, 2 min read)
Archaeologists have discovered ancient art symbols, predating the earliest known cave art by some 30,000 years. It shows ‘behaviourally modern’ human activities, which provides insight into the evolutionary stages of early humans.

5,000-Year-Old Large-Scale Brewery Discovered in Egypt (Cool Hunting, 1 min read)
A 5,000-year-old brewery has been discovered in the southern Egyptian city of Sohag. It consists of around 40 earthenware pots and is predicted to have produced about 5,900 gallons at a time.

How Two Adventurers Dove 17,000 Feet Underwater to Climb to the Summit of a Hawaiian Volcano (Robb Report, 3 min read)
An investment fund manager has set a new record for diving 16, 785 ft to the base of Mauna Kea, a volcanic mountain in Hawaii. What a feat!

35 Love Songs That Don’t Suck (GQ, 1 min read)
With no particular genre, you’ll find jazz, reggae, country, neo-soul and classical on this list. Perhaps a new playlist to discover and wind down to.

5 Short Films to Distract You From the Winter Blues (i09, 3 min read)
These short films show the risks of outer-space, social media, and the supernatural. Something different but entertaining.

15 new books to hunker down with. (Literary Hub, 4 min read)
Curl up and read a book this weekend. The one that stands out most for me is Bill Gates’ How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.




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