By Bilal Hafeez 26-02-2021
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Hive Life: Developing Hardiness / Images from Jupiter / Defeating Boredom

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This week, we explore how to stay optimistic when times are troubling and how to develop hardiness to protect against stress. For health and fitness, improve your balance to prevent injury and try adding jumping jacks to your routine. On the innovation side, a new hologram technology could reveal previously unseen biological structures inside cells.

To distract yourself, listen to a podcast on the politics of the space race, and the history and future of America’s dominance in space programs. Finally, for entertainment you can take a look at a list of thriller’s streaming on Netflix, or de-stress yourself with a 30 minute video of relaxing videos.



How to Stay Optimistic (When Everything Is Awful) (Harvard Business Review, 3 min read)
It’s easy to forget about the good things in life when tough times lay ahead. Here are some ways leaders can inspire optimism and keep people feeling hopeful. Start by sharing every piece of good news.

The Importance of Hardiness (Outside Magazine, 4 min read).
Research shows that hardiness protects against stress in certain populations. According to two extreme sportsmen, hardiness is a combination of commitment, control, and challenge.

Overcoming Helplessness (LessWrong, 5 min read)
Helplessness can sometimes feel overwhelming and can make us feel like it gets in the way of making progress. The first step is to notice when you feel helpless, give yourself time to think about it, then try to “gain surface area” on the problem.

Six Exercises to Help Improve Your Balance (Outside Magazine, 3 min read)
A good sense of balance is essential for good performance and injury prevention. These six moves are supposed to help you with your balance and they don’t appear to be too hard.

12 Jumping Jack Variations to Kick Up Your Cardio (The Art of Manliness, 1 min read)
These short clips showcase a number of jumping jack exercises that you can either incorporate into your workout or simply do to breakup your workday.

The exercise pill: How exercise keeps your brain healthy and protects it against depression and anxiety (The Conversation, 5 min read)
It has been proven that exercise can help reduce anxiety and depression, but sometimes it’s hard fitting in an exercise regime around a busy schedule. Here are some practical ways you can find time to exercise and re-wire your attitude towards weight loss.  

NASA’s Juno Probe Shares Beautiful Photo of Jupiter’s Deep Jet Streams (PetaPixel, 3 min read)
Juno will hopefully answer questions about the composition of Jupiter’s core, its magnetic field, and the planets water capacity. The image captured by the probe certainly depicts a turbulent yet stunning looking atmosphere.

Quantum Holograms Could Make Ridiculously Detailed Images of Our Bodies And Cells (Science Alert, 4 min read)
Holography records light that is scattered by an object, and presents it in a three-dimensional way which can help in producing biological images far better than current microscopes. This holographic approach could be used to see inside cells which have never been observed before.

Flim: a New AI-Powered Movie-Screenshot Search Engine (Open Culture, 3 min read)
This new search engine ‘Film’ uses AI technology to perform colour analysis and detect objects, clothes, and characters.

Did Neanderthals Have the Capacity for Verbal Language? (i09, 6 min read)
This survey compiles a list of researchers who give their views on the linguistic history of Neanderthals. There is evidence to show that Neanderthals had social relationships and lived in social groups, which would point to some kind of verbal communication.

Are There Politics on Mars? (The New Yorker, 20 min podcast)
This interesting podcast discusses the history of the space race, America’s dominance in space programs, and whether they will remain at the top.

Podcast #686: The Psychology of Boredom (The Art of Manliness, 41 min podcast)
This neuroscientist and professor of psychology argues that we should view boredom as an important signal that we need to change up what we’re doing. This podcast looks at how we can approach boredom more positively, and explores the darker side effects of becoming boredom-prone.

The Best Thrillers On Netflix Right Now, Ranked (UPROXX, 4 min read)
If you’re looking for a good film to watch, check out this list of well-known movies.

This Photographer Accidentally Shot a Meteor While Capturing a Volcano (PetaPixel, 2 min read)
Check out this stunning photograph of the highest active Volcano in Eurasia. Considered to be the birthplace of the world by Russians, this is a sacred mountain, and the photograph certainly depicts its beauty.

De-Stress with 30 Minutes of Relaxing Visuals from Director Hayao Miyazaki (Open Culture, 1 min read)
According to research, being in nature can help to destress. These visuals may not exactly be ‘nature’, but they certainly depict it in a tranquil and colourful way.




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