By Bilal Hafeez 07-05-2021
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Hive Life: Avoiding Burnout / Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption / Adventure Bucket List

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This week, adopt mindset shifts to improve your leadership technique, and explore unconventional ways to manage stress. If you’re an exercise beginner, read tips on how to get started, or educate yourself on improving your diet to reduce heart disease risk.

On tech, delve into Bitcoin’s energy consumption and the science behind literature’s benefits on the brain. To distract yourself, build the perfect travel bucket list, and find tools to build a trusting business model.

Finally, for entertainment, browse a list of new novels and films currently streaming for a relaxing weekend.



5 Mindset Shifts Leaders Can Use To Avoid Hitting The Wall (Addicted 2 Success, 3 min read)
Some mindset changes to adopt include empowering more people, increasing rest, making more time for family, learning to meditate, and reducing phone time at night.

3 Tips To Help You Avoid Feeling Burnt Out (Pick the Brain, 3 min read)
Simple yet effective tips for combatting burnout include learning to manage your time better, maintain health, and improve your diet.

9 Unconventional Ways to Manage Stress This Summer (Pick the Brain, 4 min read)
Blow off some steam in a healthy way with these stress tips. Try yoga or martial arts, increase your nut consumption, find a place to swim, or simply roam outside.

One cup of leafy green vegetables a day lowers risk of heart disease (Science Daily, 3 min read)
According to the study, people should forget supplements, as a single cup of leafy greens is enough to boost nitrate levels and prevent heart disease. Smoothies are okay but don’t juice them.

Diet Doctor Podcast #70 — Dr. Ted Naiman (Diet Doctor, 50 min podcast)
This podcast delves into the role of protein in the diet, different types of protein, obesity research, and decreasing carbohydrates in the diet.

How Do Beginners Get Fit? (3 Ways to Start) (Nerd Fitness, 4 min read)
If you’re a beginner looking to get fit, three areas to focus on are exercise, nutrition, and mindset. This article breaks down each area and covers a variety of ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

How Tech Adoption Fuels China’s Innovation Boom (Harvard Business Review, 25 min podcast)
Zach Dychtwald, founder of advisory firm Young China Group, discusses the factors behind China’s new innovation economy and how non-Chinese firms can learn from this.

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? (Harvard Business Review, 5 min read)
Bitcoin has a reputation as a polluting industry, yet it’s up to the crypto community to address the environmental concerns and demonstrate that the value of bitcoin is worth the resources needed to sustain it.

The science behind how literature improves our lives (Eurek Alert!, 4 min read)
Neuroscientists have discovered that a part of the brain, called the dorsal raphe nucleus, helps us make friends, which can be improved through reading literature.

Archaeologists Just Unearthed an Ancient Bust of the Roman Emperor Augustus in a Small Italian Town (Robb Report, 2 min read)
Archaeologists have uncovered a marble head of the Roman emperor Augustus in the Italian town of Isernia. The finding sheds new light on the imperial Roman impact in the region.

7 tools for building a business people trust | Marcos Aguiar (TEDTalks, 12 min video)
Digital trust advisor, Marcos Aguiar decodes a make-or-break quality for companies, and offers seven tools to help leaders build trust in their business.

How to Build the Perfect Adventure Bucket List (Outside Magazine, 5 min read)
If you’re into travelling, check out these pre-made bucket lists that are bound to inspire and kick-start travel plans.

23 new books to dig into this week. (Literary Hub, 2 min read)
This list of books provides all sorts of genres, definitely worth taking a look.

5 Must-Read Travel Books by Authors Famous for Their Fiction (The Art of Manliness, 4 min read)
From Ernest Hemmingway to Mark Twain, these travel books are written by famous authors better known for their fiction writing.

What To Watch: Our Picks For The Ten Movies We Think You Should Stream This Weekend (UPROXX, 3 min read)
This list of films across multiple streaming platforms will provide some good entertainment over the weekend.





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