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Hive Life: 10 Leadership Traits / Brain-controlled Chess / Find Your Creative Process

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This week, become a better leader by adopting new traits, and find ways to invest in yourself to change your life. Stay fit by making your workouts more efficient, and download the app that uses machine learning to create your workouts for you.

On innovation, NASA have approved a mission that can tell us more about the sun, and brain-controlled chess is improving cognitive and motor functions. To distract yourself, explore your creative journey and read about the Secret USSR facility that trained cosmonauts.

Finally, to entertain yourself, listen to a podcast on the life of Harry Houdini, or find a new book designed to give an intense reading experience.



5 Ways To Invest In Yourself and Change Your Life (Addicted 2 Success, 3 min read)
Learn to invest in yourself and it can transform your life. Some ideas you can adopt are change your self-concept, learn from a mentor, and nourish your body.

10 Traits an Inspired Leader Must Have (Addicted 2 Success, 4 min read)
Being a leader is a difficult task, but you can improve how you lead by adopting some of these traits. Showing humility, positivity, and determination are the key takeaways for me.

5 Secrets to a Stress-Free, Happy, Healthy Family (Pick the Brain, 4 min read)
Some tips to create a happy and healthy family relationship are to engage in fun activities as a family, create traditions and hold regular meetings.

Mediterranean diet with lean beef may lower risk factors for heart disease (EurekAlert!, 4 min read)
Researchers find that small portions of lean beef contribute to making your diet heart-friendly, and participants were found to have lower LDL cholesterol.

Rest Pause Training: How to do Myo Reps (Mark’s Daily Apply, 4 min read)
The best way to workout is to maximize efficiency and minimize time spent, and Myo reps can help you. Starting with an ‘overload set’ and finishing with ‘mini-sets’, it extends muscle fibre engagement.

Is This App the Future of AI Workouts? (Outside Magazine, 6 min read)
The app is powered through machine learning, by reading the ‘data’ of an individual’s performance which then creates personalised workouts.

NASA Funds Interstellar Probe and Space Habitats Made From Fungi (i09, 5 min read)
A neutrino-detecting mission concept has been approved by NASA, which will enable scientists to ‘see’ inside stars. This could offer insight into the structure of our sun and even the galaxy.

Using Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change (Kottke, 1 min read)
Nuclear reactors generate large amounts of energy on a small carbon footprint. It can generate energy at all hours of the day and does not rely on weather conditions.

Brain-controlled chess is here (Big Think, 3 min read)
A brain-controlled interface programme was 96% accurate at predicting chess moves. Not only is controlling a computer with the mind an exciting concept, but it can help with cognitive training and motor skills.

Inside the Secret Facility Where the USSR’s First Cosmonauts Trained (Literary Hub, 5 min read)
The Soviet space programme had ambitions to conquer the cosmos, and twenty men had been chosen to eventually combat the ‘Mercury Seven’ – the original US astronauts. 

This 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian City Just Became the Most Important Archeological Discovery Since King Tut’s Tomb (Robb Report, 3 min read)
The ancient city was built during a time of wealth and prosperity, and could provide a glimpse into how ancient Egyptian life.

An Invitation to Dive Deeper Into Your Own Creative Process (The Heart of Innovation, 5 min read)
Everything this exists was once an idea in someone’s mind and were conjured up through creative processes. Here are five stages of embarking on a creative journey and bringing to life a creative idea.

Podcast #700: The Life and Afterlife of Harry Houdini (The Art of Manliness, 50 min podcast)
Harry Houdini has become a cultural icon and has had a lasting influence in the magic world. This podcast discusses elements of his life and his relentless ambition.

6 Latin American Novels That Changed How We Think of Fiction (Literary Hub, 4 min read)
This list of books are stylistically experimental and bring us new and intense reading experiences.

The Best Travel Podcasts For Anyone Ready To Hit The Road Again (UPROXX, 5 min read)
As the world starts to open up again, listen to some of these podcasts to gain inspiration on where to travel next, and how to make the most of it.





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