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By Bilal Hafeez 16-08-2019

China’s AI Talent Base Is Growing, and then Leaving (Macro Polo, 3 min read)

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Similarly to the US, China has seen dramatic growth in the developments of its AI talent base. Most of Beijing’s efforts are on expanding the talent rather than retaining it, however, and they are consequently experiencing a huge brain drain as 50% of the top AI talent exits China for better work in the US. The central government published a development plan in 2017 with the aim of retaining talent at home by opening up development channels and offering higher salaries.

Why does this matter? The US and China have long battled for supremacy on high tech and, as of recently, progressive co-operation seems even further away. We previously discussed the rise of Chinese scholars in the US and now US corporates are whisking away top talent too. Washington should expect a potential backlash from Beijing.

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