By Bilal Hafeez 05-06-2019
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China Digest From the Web

Why Tiny Magnets Could Be China’s Destructive New Trade-War Weapon Nearly two-thirds of U.S. permanent magnet imports come from China.

China’s Changing Role in the Middle East 28-page report finds “China’s BRI and “soft-power” language and tourism ambitions in MENA indicate that it aspires to a greater role in a region … In partnering with the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, China appears to be wary of disrupting a delicate and volatile order.”

Does the UK Benefit From Chinese Investment? Michael Pettis writes “While foreign investment usually benefits developing economies and creates local economic benefits in advanced economies, it generally does not benefit advanced economies on the whole except in very limited cases. On the contrary, foreign investment in advanced economies is more likely to lead to higher unemployment or rising debt.”

Four charts show how much China’s economy has changed in 30 years Some great charts. In 1989, Shenzhen was a small town with barely any income generation – today it’s a mega-city with a local GDP of $324bn (= Denmark or Colombia or Malaysia)

China’s Huawei to sell undersea cable business, buyer’s exchange filing shows Its first major asset sale since the United States ratcheted up accusations of the Chinese firm being a vehicle for espionage.

Asia Power Index 2019 Lowy Institute’s new deep dive report shows the United States remains the pre-eminent power but has become a net underachiever in 2019. e. A 10-point lead over China in 2018 has narrowed to 8.6 points in 2019. Yet Beijing’s hard power remains hobbled in key respects – not least due to a lack of trust among 11 of its neighbours with whom it has unresolved boundary disputes or legacies of interstate conflict. Also, their more detailed report has some cool data on things like number of supercomputers by country.