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By Bilal Hafeez 13-06-2019
In: post | China & Hong Kong

China Digest From the Web

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China to boost social credit system with new market regulatory measures China’s social credit system which amongst other things rewards and penalises acts of good or bad faith will now be extended to the business sector. Very Orwellian.

TRADE WAR: China’s People’s Daily: Op-ed-Tariff hikes are ‘bricks’ escalating tensions rather than ‘ladders’ leading to solution. It opens with a Milton Friedman(!) quote: “The most effective protection to a consumer is free competition at home and free trade throughout the world,” and goes on to attack the use of tariffs in trade policy. Worth reading with the US response this tougher China stance U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Department of Treasury respond to the “White Paper” issued by China

Inside Huawei’s secretive plans to develop an operating system to rival Google’s Android The OS issue took an extra urgency after the US government in mid-May placed Huawei and its affiliates on a trade blacklist. One of the biggest technical challenges for the Huawei OS under development has been its compatibility with Android.

Apple’s U.S. iPhones Can All Be Made Outside of China If Needed and Google is moving US-bound Nest production out of China, reports Bloomberg These articles suggest continued moves to de-link the US economy from China’s .

China to boost funding support for projects as economy slows In a departure from an earlier policy that prevented local governments from borrowing all the funds for infrastructure, they can now fund certain projects entirely through bonds.