By Bilal Hafeez 06-06-2019
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China Digest From the Web

Why is US dollar access so restrained in China as trade war rages on? Foreign financial institutions increasingly reluctant to lend US dollars to Chinese banks given worries about financial risks amid the trade war

Did Japan and India just launch a counter to China’s Belt and Road? India and Japan are to help Sri Lanka develop Colombo Port – prompting speculation of a challenge to Beijing’s signature infrastructure programme

China behind massive Australian National University hack, intelligence officials say Officials fear data breach may be used to recruit students or university alumni as informants

Around 5m tonnes of lithium deposits found in southwest China The find could help China become less reliant on lithium imports as its electric vehicle industry grows rapidly. Currently, Bolivia has world’s largest reserves of lithium is Bolivia at 21 million tonnes.

Germany’s military manoeuvres Germany is considering a break from military non-confrontation. Officials are contemplating sending a warship through the Taiwan Strait — joining the US and France in challenging Beijing’s claims to what the West regards as an international waterway.