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Is Economic Orthodoxy Evolving? (Pitchfork Economics) (59 min listen)


Will 3D Printing Increase Trade? (Peterson Perspectives) (24 min listen)


With Mike Shedlock, Author of “MishTalk” (Hedgeye) (52 min listen)


Why the Repo Markets Went Crazy (Odd Lots, Bloomberg) (56 min listen)


MIB Live with Eugene Fama and David Booth (Masters in Business) (60 min listen)



Markets & Investing

Despite equity markets climbing up in the past month or so and a rise in long-dated bond yields and steeper yield curves, the overall sentiment in this week’s blogs is negative. Fund managers fear a recession, the credit boom might be a predictor of an equity crash and to top it up, we have the 30 most extreme risks for the year. At least Scott Sumner says bubbles are fiction. VIEW LATEST

Monetary Policy & Inflation

Amidst Australia battling with catastrophic bushfires, the San Fran Fed is waking up to the need to tailor monetary policy to climate change and natural disasters. In Europe, the efforts to save the staling economy – and the euro – are surging. VIEW LATEST

Fiscal Policy & Inequality

We continue our discussion on wealth inequality, a heavily featured topic in the US Presidential run. Harvard’s Taehoon Kim finds that the role of the US as the “banker of the world” contributes to wealth concentration there. The IMF came out with a handy map to use when targeting regional inequality with fiscal policy. VIEW LATEST

Growth & Labour Market

We focus on the much-feared trend of declining productivity and find surprising reasons behind it, such as obesity. Technology might also be hampering growth long-term. We also look at ways the US can learn from Australia’s mild and short-lived recessions. VIEW LATEST


Trump is casting a shadow of uncertainty on markets – he hasn’t yet signed an agreement to roll back trade tariffs on China and his impeachment proceedings can fly in either direction. Similarly, across the pond in the UK, Conservatives are scrambling for support in the North. VIEW LATEST

Data, Models & Market Plumbing

Not all stock market losses have been created equal – there is a clear hierarchy and we feature Ben Carlson from Ritholtz exploring it. Also, a great piece on what the next trends in asset management are and why nearly 90% of U.S. stock market funds failed to beat their indexed benchmark over the past 15 years. VIEW LATEST


Facing slowing economic growth, Chinese President Xi Jinping is willing to offer some concessions in the short-term to limit the trade war damage – it seems as though both sides have notes how harmful it all is. China is now also seeking partners elsewhere and hopes to grow warmer to Russia before Europe does. VIEW LATEST