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  1. 3 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Finance

    Matthew Tibble

    Everyone from Main Street to Wall Street has been scrambling to deploy AI since ChatGPT dropped in late 2022. By one estimate, 2023 saw AI-related sales jump 29% to hit a whopping $166 billion. By 2027, we will be staring at a colossal $400 billion market. And the financial sector will be responsible for a […]

  2. How Smart Am AI?

    Matthew Tibble

    AI is all anyone can talk about since the advent of ChatGPT. From revolutionizing healthcare with personalized medicine to generating trading signals in financial markets, every industry is claiming a new future for itself thanks to the technology. And perhaps rightly so. But how smart is this new technology? And perhaps more fundamentally, how do […]

  3. Brain Power: Is the Key to AI Efficiency Inside Our Heads?

    Matthew Tibble

    AI has a power problem. Even simple graphics processors for AI applications consume several hundred watts. But the most powerful computer we use for machine learning? That award goes to Frontier, which consumes 20 megawatts a year. That is $40 million of electricity. Frontier boasts an exaflop of compute: a billion, billion floating point mathematical […]

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