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Long-Term Investment Theme: the Energy Transition (UBS On Air) (17 min listen)


How Bond Defaults Are Changing China’s Markets (Bloomberg Markets Odd Lots) (34 min listen)


China’s Consumer Decade (Podzept – with Deutsche Bank Research) (13 min listen)


Insights from Blackstone’s Private Equity Portfolio (Blackstone Podcast) (11 min listen)


Risks Mount In European Banks, EBA Warns (FT Banking Weekly) (18 min listen)



Markets & Investing

Alongside increased reasoning for equity market corrections, this week we have a piece for bullish selective EM debt and complications of the CLO market. VIEW LATEST

Monetary Policy & Inflation

Research supports that the banking union has achieved its stability objectives, but it has a limited ability to revive inflation through lower rates. Also, cases for negative rates working following recent turns by traditional doves in Europe (Riksbank & Bank of Italy). VIEW LATEST

Fiscal Policy & Inequality

It’s clear wealth inequality is a big issue and new research suggests it could get worse. Yet some policies like rent control could make it worse, while others like putting workers on company boards could actually make a difference. VIEW LATEST

Growth & Labour Market

Labour market developments likely to contribute towards the increasing shift in populism and empirical evidence suggests the rate of productivity increases following defense spending. VIEW LATEST


Economies in East Asia should be proactive on policies to avoid Latam like social unrest and what do Michael Bloomberg’s philanthropic endeavours indicate? VIEW LATEST

Data, Models & Market Plumbing

Asset managers will have to implement AI-based cost reducing solutions to cope with structural shifts. Punitive regulation for credit market making activity has direct impact on liquidly and prices, and dealer inventory data now a major source of advantage. VIEW LATEST


China is facing classic developing market issues; transitioning to a service-based economy and problems to protect IP. VIEW LATEST