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  1. Is the S&P 500 a Good Investment? Should I Buy It Now?

    Matthew Tibble

    We evaluate the latest S&P 500 trends and market drivers by considering all the relevant factors and risks to answer the question: Is S&P 500 a good investment now?

  2. Asset Allocation Update: Interest Rate Shock Not Ending

    Bilal Hafeez

    We continue to advocate our ‘everything breaks’ portfolio. The core rationale is that we are entering a new regime of higher interest rates – something investors have not faced for a decade.

  3. Ep. 133: Dave Newman on Hedge Fund Success, Investment Banking Lessons and Writing Daily  

    Bilal Hafeez

    Dave is President and CIO of KC3 Capital Management. Before that, he was Head of Macro Trading NY at Moore Capital...

  1. Asset Allocation Update: The ‘Everything Breaks’ Portfolio

    Bilal Hafeez

    When markets go through regime changes, you need to throw out the conventional ways of investing. Take a common approach – business cycle investing.

  2. Ep. 129: Artem Milinchuk on Alternative Assets, Farmland and Inflation Hedges 

    Bilal Hafeez

    Artem has over 10 years of finance experience in food, agriculture, and farmland. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School, and a BA and MA in Economics from the Higher School of Economics.

  3. Asset Allocation Update: The ‘Everything Bubble’ Is Bursting

    Bilal Hafeez

    Rarely can we point to one factor driving the performance of all markets. But since the global financial crisis in 2008, that factor is low interest rates.

Ep. 126: Cameron Crise On Fed’s Balance Sheet Problem, Equity Drawdowns and Inflation

Bilal Hafeez

Cameron Crise is a macro strategist at Bloomberg, where he writes the Macro Man column and posts on the Markets Live blog.

Prime Trade Ideas: Time to Adjust Your Equity Holdings

Ben Ford

John introduced biases to major indices: he is overweight S&P 500, and underweight NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and European indices. Meanwhile, on US sectors, he made eight changes...

  1. Ep. 125: Denise Shull on Emotions as a Dataset and Avoiding Investment Mistakes [Replay]

    Bilal Hafeez

    Denise Shull is the Founder and CEO of ReThink. In that role, she uses neuroscience and modern psychoanalysis to help clients become successful in investing, trading, and leading teams.

  2. Prime Trade Ideas: Opportunity in the Chaos

    Ben Ford

    Preservation of capital is key; Bilal leaves his asset allocation unchanged: overweight cash, neutral commodities and crypto, and underweight equities and bonds.

  3. Asset Allocation Update: Holding Steady Through Volatile Markets

    Bilal Hafeez

    June was a brutal month for markets. Thankfully, July came to the rescue. The S&P500 bounced 9.1% (the third-strongest July on record).

Prime Trade Ideas: Wary and Paring Risk

Ben Ford

Remaining overweight US homebuilders, but wary of headwinds. We still see value in the housing sector due to a supply-demand imbalance but outline risks from Fed tightening.

Bloomberg TV Interview: Risk On?

Bilal Hafeez

Had the pleasure of appearing on Bloomberg TV yesterday to answer various quick-fire questions by Guy Johnson and Alix Steel.

  1. Bloomberg TV Interview: What Markets Could Break Next?

    Bilal Hafeez

    Had the pleasure of appearing on Bloomberg TV yesterday to answer various quick-fire questions by Guy Johnson and Alix Steel.

  2. Prime Trade Ideas: Neutral (But Nuanced) on Commodities

    Ben Ford

    Neutral commodities. Bilal’s latest Asset Allocation sees market volatility and recession fears limiting near-term gains for commodities, switching from overweight to neutral.

  3. Asset Allocation Update: Cash Wins on Recession Shock

    Bilal Hafeez

    June was a brutal month for markets. Equities were down 9%, commodities fell 8%, corporate bonds fell between 3% and 7%, EM bonds dropped 5%...

Prime Trade Ideas: A Defence Against the Summer Gloom

Ben Ford

Cash remains king. The Fed recently hiked 75bps, and we think it could ultimately go higher than markets are pricing. As a result, recession odds have increased.

Prime Trade Ideas: Positioning for More Turbulence in Equities

Ben Ford

We are in a bear market. And if recent earnings momentum weakens (as we expect), it will worsen.

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