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    John Tierney

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    Bilal Hafeez

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    Bilal Hafeez Dalvir Mandara

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    Bilal Hafeez

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    John Tierney

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Meet Macro Hive about Macro Hive

Bilal Hafeez
Bilal Hafeez

Bilal Hafeez: CEO & Head of Research

Before starting Macro Hive, Bilal was Global Head of International Fixed Income Strategy at Nomura, and Head of Multi-Asset Research and Advisor to the CEO at Deutsche Bank. Bilal started his twenty-year career at JP Morgan. Academically, Bilal was an Honorary Visiting Professor of Finance at Cass Business School and studied Economics at St Johns College, Cambridge.

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Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon

Andrew Simon: Chief Operating Officer

Andrew spent over 25 years in finance on both the buy and sell side. He co-founded Eschaton Opportunities, a $100 million hedge fund focused on global thematic value investing. Earlier in his career, Andrew led JP Morgan's institutional sales business across foreign exchange and emerging markets in Europe, ran Lehman's global derivative sales business, and managed Deutsche Bank's European currency option trading and derivative research business.

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