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    About Macro Hive

    Macro Hive is a leading independent provider of global macro research and strategy.

    Trusted by clients at 7 of the world's top 10 banks and all top 5 hedge funds, we combine best-in-class human and artificial intelligence to provide institutional investors with market-leading investment opportunities.

    Our experts leverage large language models, such as those that power chatbots like ChatGPT, to develop innovative, data-driven solutions to complex financial problems and to build state-of-the-art models in search of alpha signals across asset classes.

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    If the Fed Is Done, Do You Buy Bonds?

    Bilal Hafeez on Bloomberg TV

    Is It Time to Stock Up?

    Bilal Hafeez on Bloomberg TV

    Why Is the Debt Ceiling So Contentious in the United States?

    Bilal Hafeez on Aljazeera TV

    AI Insights read all

    1. 3 Ways AI Is Revolutionizing Finance

      Everyone from Main Street to Wall Street has been scrambling to deploy AI since ChatGPT dropped in late 2022. By one estimate, 2023 saw AI-related sales jump 29% to hit a whopping $166 billion. By 2027, we will be staring at a colossal $400 billion market. And the financial sector will be responsible for a […]

    2. How Smart Am AI?

      AI is all anyone can talk about since the advent of ChatGPT. From revolutionizing healthcare with personalized medicine to generating trading signals in financial markets, every industry is claiming a new future for itself thanks to the technology. And perhaps rightly so. But how smart is this new technology? And perhaps more fundamentally, how do […]

    3. Brain Power: Is the Key to AI Efficiency Inside Our Heads?

      AI has a power problem. Even simple graphics processors for AI applications consume several hundred watts. But the most powerful computer we use for machine learning? That award goes to Frontier, which consumes 20 megawatts a year. That is $40 million of electricity. Frontier boasts an exaflop of compute: a billion, billion floating point mathematical […]

    Latest Research read all

    1. Can Argentina Dollarize? Of Course It Can

      John H. Welch

      Summary The new Milei administration signalled plans to dollarize the Argentine economy. Some think the central bank must accumulate USD to make this happen. The solution, however, is just a simple exercise in arithmetic: find the USD/ARS that equates gross foreign exchange reserves to the central bank’s monetary liabilities. The calculation comes to 885 Argentine […]

    2. Momentum Models Gain as USD Bullishness and Fixed Income Bearishness Intensify

      Richard Jones

      When evaluating the performance of our momentum models we are considering the average performance across the one-, three-, and 12-month momentum models. Summary Momentum models were up 0.4% over the past week, with positive performances in fixed income and FX outweighing negative equity returns. Equities were down 0.7% WoW, while bonds were up 1%, and […]

    Hive Podcast more podcasts

    1. Ep. 211: John Coates on How a Few Financial Institutions Control Everything

      John Coates is the Deputy Dean of Harvard Law School. He has served at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, specializing in financial institutions.

    2. Ep. 210: Mark Koyama on What Makes Some Nations Richer Than Others

      Mark Koyama is Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University and Mercatus Center. Mark earned his PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford. He focuses on how historical institutions functioned and on the relationship between culture and economic performance.

    3. Ep. 209: Darrell Duffie on Treasury Market Dysfunction, Dollar Dominance and CBDC

      Darrell Duffie is a leading expert on bond markets. He is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management and Professor of Finance at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

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    Macro Hive helps me focus on ideas that truly matter and it’s fabulous! It’s developed into a community of people that are curating ideas for each other.

    Jim Leitner
    President of Falcon Management

    Macro Hive is more than just an independent research provider. It's a network and community connecting some of the best investors and thinkers together. A real industry disruptor!

    Etienne de Marsac
    Head of Absolute Return at Sunny Asset Management

    When tackling macro themes, I am faced with many challenges, such as the involvement of numerous variables and tons of related information. Macro Hive helps me deal with this complexity. Macro Hive has found a unique way to use human skill and knowledge combined with leveraging AI to deliver a fantastic product.

    Lorenzo Lorenzi
    Foundation Endowment Manager

    Macro Hive has been able to build a first-in-class research team. I look to them for consistently high quality insights and fast moving analysis in reacting quickly to market-moving events. They have also become thought leaders and innovators in using quant analysis and machine learning tools in creating insights and improving traditional factor models, volatility analysis, positioning, and sentiment.

    Mirza Baig
    PM at Point 72

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