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Long-Term Investment Theme: the Energy Transition (UBS On Air) (17 min listen)


How Bond Defaults Are Changing China’s Markets (Bloomberg Markets Odd Lots) (34 min listen)


China’s Consumer Decade (Podzept – with Deutsche Bank Research) (13 min listen)


Insights from Blackstone’s Private Equity Portfolio (Blackstone Podcast) (11 min listen)


Risks Mount In European Banks, EBA Warns (FT Banking Weekly) (18 min listen)



Markets & Investing

More 2020 outlooks. Most are bullish on risk with the usual caveats of trade war escalation. Some are even suggesting assets to buy if a recession materialises. VIEW LATEST

Monetary Policy & Inflation

Already, people are tempering expectations around Lagarde’s new run as ECB President. While others lament the anemic levels of inflation around the world. VIEW LATEST

Fiscal Policy & Inequality

There’s no hiding from the perception of growing inequality. Clamping down on the super-rich and more public spending are some of the proposed remedies. But at least with the latter, many are question their efficacy if fuelled by higher debt. VIEW LATEST

Growth & Labour Market

There’s a wave of articles trying to explain why productivity is low. For some it is related to low mobility, for others it is low real rates. Then some are looking at mismeasurement issues. VIEW LATEST


Voters are paying less attention to the business cycle and many politicians aren’t following the scripted path of earlier leaders. VIEW LATEST

Data, Models & Market Plumbing

Crunching the numbers, oil may not impact the dollar as much as people think. There’s growing scepticism around ESG and what’s the best US indicator to look at? VIEW LATEST


China’s growth inevitably meant that HK would suffer, perhaps current protests reflect that. Meanwhile, China is making headway outside of the US in tech sales, while internally China is clamping down on outflows. VIEW LATEST