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Karl Massey

Karl Massey has worked in financial markets since 1988. His experience incorporates  fixed income and foreign exchange in Global Markets. His roles have included Head of Global Foreign Exchange at an asset manager , Head of Euro Liquidity at a UK bank, Portfolio Manager for several Alternative Asset managers. Most recently as Head of Market’s & Investment Director responsible for Fixed Income at a UK Pension Fund.

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  1. Grey Swan #3: Private Markets Finally ‘Fall Over’

    Karl Massey

    Is geopoetry a thing? Before answering that, I would like to thank Professor Mustafa Erdik for an insight based on a three-word observation.

  2. 2022 Grey Swan #11: Real Rates Armageddon: Pensions Are Destroyed

    Karl Massey

    Despite rising debt loads, corporate balance sheets have remained broadly healthy throughout 2020 and 2021, supported by the tsunami...

  3. Beware of Greeks NOT Bearing Gifts…and Dogs That DO Bark in the Night

    Karl Massey

    There have been some pretty extraordinary moves in short-term interest rates (STIR) over the last few days. They come as some...

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