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    What our customers are saying

    Macro Hive helps me focus on ideas that truly matter and it’s fabulous! It’s developed into a community of people that are curating ideas for each other.

    Jim Leitner
    President of Falcon Management

    Macro Hive is more than just an independent research provider. It's a network and community connecting some of the best investors and thinkers together. A real industry disruptor!

    Etienne de Marsac
    Head of Absolute Return at Sunny Asset Management

    When tackling macro themes, I am faced with many challenges, such as the involvement of numerous variables and tons of related information. Macro Hive helps me deal with this complexity. Macro Hive has found a unique way to use human skill and knowledge combined with leveraging AI to deliver a fantastic product.

    Lorenzo Lorenzi
    Foundation Endowment Manager

    Macro Hive has been able to build a first-in-class research team. I look to them for consistently high quality insights and fast moving analysis in reacting quickly to market-moving events. They have also become thought leaders and innovators in using quant analysis and machine learning tools in creating insights and improving traditional factor models, volatility analysis, positioning, and sentiment.

    Mirza Baig
    PM at Point 72

    Frequently asked questions

    Please contact us if you have questions which are not answered below.

    What Is Macro Hive?

    Macro Hive is your one-stop shop for macroeconomic and financial market insights. We connect with the best research specialists to produce world-class analysis on one accessible platform.

    What Is Macro Hive's Vision?

    To challenge the traditional research business model, the way you consume analysis and the way you think about investing. Whether you're a CEO at a global hedge fund, a retail investor or a student learning about finance, we want to educate and inform you of the key drivers influencing the global financial markets and the larger macro and geopolitical picture.

    How Is Macro Hive Different?

    Macro Hive prides itself on three core aspects. First, our contributors and members view us as more than just another platform. We foster community engagement to bring life to 'The Hive', through instant messaging chatrooms, webinars, and interactive events.

    Second, we draw from a large pool of more than 50 independent and verified research specialists to deliver the breadth and depth of research that our customers members want.

    Third, combatting the industry's currently rigid research business model, our services are extremely flexible. You can appropriately tailor the products and services you require month-to-month.

    How Can I Book a Researcher or Request Bespoke Products and Services?

    To book the expertise of one or more of our research specialists, or to initiate a discussion around how Macro Hive can provide bespoke research services, please contact us.

    Do You Offer Corporate Memberships?

    Yes! Please contact us to sign-up multiple people from your organisation. We will happily arrange this with an appropriate discount.

    How Do I Become a Contributor?

    Please see our "Write For Us" page.

    Why Should I Become a Contributor?

    Macro Hive subscribers are some of the industry’s most sophisticated. Our readership spans from the CEOs of global hedge funds to key players in the sell-side industry from almost every global bank. They are among the greatest macro thinkers today, and you can join them.

    This is your opportunity to have your analysis valued internationally and provoke discussions around your insights. We offer clear readership data and a trusted platform to showcase your independent views and market analysis.

    I Have More Questions or Feedback. How Can I Contact the Hive?

    We're always available to answer questions, and we highly appreciate feedback. Please contact us.

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