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  1. Fed Terminal Rate: Powell vs Volcker

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    The current high US inflation comes from many factors e.g, expansionary fiscal policy, accelerating wage growth, rising food prices and record-breaking housing inflation. None are likely to abate soon.

  2. Inflation – The Fed’s ‘Unpleasant Arithmetic’

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    Why is the Fed reacting so slowly to inflation when price stability is its primary mandate? It is unprecedented.

  3. Using Stock Returns to Predict GDP Growth

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    New technologies are reflected in the capabilities of firms which, once aggregated, lead to changes in economic growth.

  1. How Will Food Prices Affect Inflation?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    An IMF working paper examines how changes in the Baltic Dry Index, a measure of the average price paid to transport dry bulk materials, affects inflation.

  2. Focus on Rental Yields When Investing in Property

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A Federal Reserve Bank of New York paper examines the long-run returns on residential real estate in 15 countries over 150 years.

  3. Stock Market Winners and Losers During the Russia-Ukraine War

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine surprised many investors, with stock markets reacting very negatively throughout February and early March.

US Recession: A Matter of When, Not If

Sam van de Schootbrugge

Prominent economist Larry Summers looks at the labour market to argue the Fed is unlikely to reduce inflation without causing a recession.

Breaking Conventional Wisdom on Permanently Lower Interest Rates

Sam van de Schootbrugge

New research attributes the long-term decline in interest rates to the 'hall of mirrors'.

  1. Stimulus Checks Fuelled Speculation During the Pandemic

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    Researchers from Harvard Business School and NYU Stern examine how US stimulus checks impacted stock prices during the pandemic.

  2. How Will Sanctions Affect Russia?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    Russia is now enduring over 6,000 sanctions, making it the most sanctioned country in the world. The penalties cover oligarchs, exporters, politicians and banks...

  3. Did You Know?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    Did you know that every week we summarise an academic paper on a topic that is featuring heavily in market conversations?

House Prices Push US Inflation Higher

Sam van de Schootbrugge

Prices in the UK and US are both up over 10% YoY and, with incomes struggling to catch up, renters and homeowners must now put more aside than ever to pay for accommodation.

How the Princeton School Shaped US Policy in the 21st Century

Julius Probst, PhD

We explore how the Princeton School of economists transformed modern understandings of monetary policy, giving insights into quantitative easing, forward guidance, and the ‘whatever it takes’ approach.

  1. Will Wages Push Inflation Even Higher?

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new NBER working paper co-authored by economist Larry Summers looks at the current US labour market conditions to predict wage...

  2. Predicting Mutual Fund Performance Using Machine Learning

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new NBER Working Paper uses machine learning to identify the characteristics of high- and low-performing mutual funds...

  3. Forecasting the Fed’s Policy Rate

    Sam van de Schootbrugge

    A new BIS working paper examines how prone investors are to incorrectly forecasting US monetary policy. It does so by decomposing...

Diversification Strategies for Global Equities and Crypto Investment

Sam van de Schootbrugge

We summarise two papers in the journal of Finance Research Letters on market correlations in good and bad times. In the first, authors...

Trading During FOMC Meetings

Sam van de Schootbrugge

A new Journal of Financial Economics paper examines asset price behaviour between FOMC policy statements and the subsequent press conference...

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