Bank Of England To Use Maradona Playbook (3 min read)

By Jason Simpson | June 17, 2019

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) appears to have delivered a key message:

US Growth In Good Zone For Equities (2 min read)

By Bilal | June 13, 2019

Over the past week, we’ve seen a raft of US activity data for May. Manufacturing

Fed Needs 50bps Cut For Impact (3 min read)

By George Goncalves | June 13, 2019

A combination of disappointing US jobs and inflation data, dovish Fed comments, and concerns over

FX Carry Is Back (2 min read)

By Bilal | June 12, 2019

As the Fed capitulates on its hiking cycle, it joins other central banks like the

Climate Cancer Is Not Going Away (3 min read)

By Bilal | June 3, 2019

Last weekend saw the UK’s hottest day of the year, and there is a chance

Euro-area Too Dependent On World Trade (2 min read)

By Bilal | May 31, 2019

The big problem for the Euro-area is that it is geared primarily to international trade.

Gloomy US Yields, Silver Lining for US Stocks (2 min read)

By Bilal | May 28, 2019

Yields have tumbled from their November 2018 peak of around 3.25% to a paltry 2.3%

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