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By Bilal Hafeez 07-12-2019
In: post | Macro Life Newsletter

Macro Hive Life: Write Better Emails / Breathing Exercises / Sleep Better

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I’ve shortened my selection of articles, so hopefully the newsletter is easier to digest! On the self improvement side: how to become impossibly talented, a place to read only good news and the corrosive effects of performance reviews. We have some great health articles this week touching on the core topics of sleeping, fasting and diet. Some amazing stories on gene therapy and wooden fibre optic cables. Finally, we lighten up the list with the best jokes of 2019!



How to Write Better Emails (iridakos) A set of must-use tips in the work emails. Among them: bold/highlight the most important info, include links for references, structure long emails with section headers, and always be very specific about what you request and from whom.

Why Some People Are Impossibly Talented (BBC) Polymaths excel in several fields, article analyses and provides insights from several accomplished people that solved societies most challenging problem using their cross –discipline expertise. Research suggests we could all gain from spending more time outside our chosen specialism.

Beautiful News Daily (Beautiful News) Visuals of beautiful news, smoking rates falling in Japan, suicide rates in Russia decreasing, US cancer survival rates rising and gender pay to be equal as a law in Iceland.

How Performance Reviews Can Kill Your Culture (Farnam Street) Annual performance reviews are killing good corporate culture. Most get graded B which spares the supervisor from having to justify much. Comparing people against their past selves instead of each other is the better alternative.

A Time to Fast (Science) Study finds periods of fasting, with or without calorie deficits, can have profound health benefits such as postponing the onset of disease and delay aging.

Can You Eat to Beat Depression? (WebMD) A better quality diet can reduce the risk of depression by 30%.  For best results follow a diet similar to a Mediterranean diet (healthy fat, whole grains and lean meat) and supplement it by an array of vegetables (especially greens).

How We Could Sleep Better – In Less Time (BBC WORKLIFE) Sleep optimization techniques, allow one to replicate the benefits of a deep sleep, in less time.  Incorporating devices simulating our “slow-wave sleep’ can help us sleep better and faster.

How Controlled Breathing Helps Elite Athletes – And You Can Benefit from It Too (The Conversation) Research shows a regular, long-term schedule of breathing practice at around six breaths per minute for 10 minutes every day could help improve the body’s ability to manage stress. Secret elite athletes use to optimise performance.

Gene Therapy Arrives (Nature) At least nine gene therapies for certain types of cancer have passed certification, as the US is approving more and more of these treatments after decades of slow growth.

Artificial Neurons on Silicon Chips That Behave Just Like The Real Thing Have Been Invented By Scientists (Neuroscience News) University of Bath researchers devised an artificial neurons that respond to electric signals from the nervous system. Expect radical leaps to curing chronic diseases like heart failure and Alzheimers.

Scientists Made Working Fiber Optic Cables Out of Wood (GIZMODO) In an era of environmental sustainability, biodegradable material (easy to break down and recycle) usage is crucial. Discovery by Finnish researcher now means in the future we can see environmentally friendly optic cables.

Interactive Periodic Table Shows How the Elements Get Used in Making Everyday Things (Open Culture) An interesting tool that allows you to click on an element and see its most common uses, such as Gallium’s presence in LEDs and mobile phones.

The Best Movies of 2019 (GQ) As the year comes to an end here a list of 2019 top movies. Spoiler alert – It does not have any Marvel or DC movies.

Robot Gift Guide 2019 (Spectrum) 15 robotic products that will make fantastic X-mas gifts. From Drone picture robots to auto vacuum to robo-pets to robots that teach kids to code before they can read. Not cheap but surely cheerful!

The Best Jokes of 2019 (New Yorker) Not all are funny or clever, but these are top rated jokes by New York culture. My rather dry sense of British humor could be making me biased but would surely come in handy at an Upper East Side bar on my next trip to the big apple.

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