By Bilal Hafeez 27-11-2020
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Macro Hive Life: Become A Self-Starter / Laugh Your Way To Better Health / Geometric Sand Art

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This week, we have great advice on how to adopt a ‘starting’ mindset and why saying ‘thanks’ goes a long way in business. Learn about the importance of laughter, and how this will improve your well-being. On the innovation side, geothermal energy could be the future to powering homes, while the Netherlands are implementing eco-friendly bike charging stations made from old ashtrays.

To distract yourself, we bring a range of videos that you can watch, including how an artist makes geometric designs from sand and sound. Or, sit on the edge of your seat as slackliners traverse ropes between mountains.

Finally, for entertainment, indulge in a movie-filled weekend from a list of films on HBO, or try reading a new novel exclusively written by a female novelist.



Smart, generous and kind (Seth Godin, 1 min read)
A pretty cool graph which plots what a million authors think about kindness, generosity, and smartness. The bottom line is that kindness really goes a long way.

Notes on Benevolence (being “less bad”) (LessWrong, 6 min read)
According to Arendt, being ‘good’ requires much willpower and thought, but this can help to think through what is right and wrong.

Why You Need to Make ‘Starting’ a Mindset (ProBlogger, 3 min read)
Take all those great ideas you have, and actually do something with them.

Building a Better Workplace Starts with Saying “Thanks” (Harvard Business Review, 4 min read)
Expressing appreciation and encouragement in the workplace can cultivate a culture of gratitude, which will boost business and employee well-being and motivation.

Podcast #663: How to Achieve Physical Autonomy (The Art of Manliness, 51 min listen)
Fitness coach Ryan Hurst believes the key to ‘Physical Autonomy’ is to figuring out what exactly is good for you, and then addressing what you can improve on.

Can drinking cocoa make you smarter? (EurekAlert!, 3 min read)
A study finds that Cocoa containing ‘flavanols’ could increase cognitive ability. Volunteers who had flavanol-enriched drink has a quicker and more accurate cognitive response.

Things are dark right now, but a little laughter is genuinely good for your well-being (Fast Company, 5 min read)
Explore the four powers that harness laughter – physical, social, mental, and cognitive – and read about ‘laughing yoga’, a technique that uses breathing muscles to achieve positive responses to laughing naturally.

The Eden Project Built a Rainforest Ecosystem Inside Buckminster Fuller-Inspired Geodesic Domes (Open Culture, 5 min read)
Opened in 2001, the Eden Project is set to go one step further, drilling for geothermal energy which could head 5,000 homes.

The Netherlands is transforming old ashtrays into bike charging stations (Fast Company, 2 min read)
‘Smoke poles’ have been artistically transformed, replacing the old centre ashtrays with bike-charging plugs. An innovative way to recycle a habit into cardio-friendly commutes.

Manufacturer Says ‘Time of Flight’ Sensors to Become Standard in Smartphones (PetaPixel, 3 min read)
‘Time-of-flight’ technology projects infrared light, resulting in a highly-enhanced, 3D style image, which can overcome the current low-light focussing issues current smartphones have.

A New Study About Color Tries to Decode ‘The Brain’s Pantone’ (The Browser, 6 min read)
Different colours prompt a unique pattern of neural activity, revealing the brain’s perceptionof colours. Understanding these patterns could aid scientific development in sight restoration, or new ways of communication.

The Geometry of Sound: Watch Artist Kenichi Kanazawa Make Amazing Geometric Designs Out of Sand, Using Sound Waves Alone (Open Culture, 4 min read)
Watch Japanese artist Kenichi Kanazawa create spectacular shapes with just sound and sand. A rather soothing and mesmerising technique.

Stunning Infrared Landscapes of French Alps (Fubiz, 1 min read)
The project, ‘Infraland Valley’ depicts the French Alps in a vastly different light, reflecting something from a science-fiction movie.

A Mysterious Steel Monolith Was Discovered in the Utah Desert. Is It a Work of Art—or the Work of Aliens? (artnet, 3 min read)
Many artists have been contacted to determine where the object originated, yet it still remains a mystery.

Don’t think twice (Aeon, 12 min video)
A short film, far removed from Hollywood, which reveals the therapeutic values music can have on individuals with dementia.

Here’s Everything New On HBO And HBO Max For December 2020 (UPROXX, 2 min read)
A great list of movies that could definitely keep you busy until the new year.

Watch How to Be at Home, a Beautiful Short Animation on the Realities of Social Isolation in 2020 (Open Culture, 5 min video)
What started as a discussion about lockdown between friends, has turned into a stop-motion ‘videopoem’ that captures the pleasures and misfortunes of isolation.

Favorite books by female authors (Marginal Revolution, 1 min read)
Expand your reading list to include well-known classics from Emily Brontë, to discovering feminist science fictions about space, religion, and culture.




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