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Macro Hive is your one-stop shop for macroeconomic & financial market insights. We have brought together the best research specialists to produce world-class analysis on one accessible platform.

We aim to challenge the traditional research business model, the way you consume analysis and the way you think about investing. Whether you’re a CEO at a global hedge fund, a retail investor or a student learning about finance, we’re here to educate and inform you of the key drivers influencing the global financial markets and the larger macro & geopolitical picture.

Macro Hive prides itself on a number of aspects. Firstly, our contributors and members don’t just view us as another platform. We foster a communal vibe to bring life to “The Hive”, through instant messaging chatrooms, weekly conferences, webinars and dinners & events.

Secondly, our research specialists are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they do indeed have the technical expertise and the practical experience to showcase for this. Our contributors have an average of 15 years of industry experience, so you can be rest assured you’ll be gaining valuable insights from established experts.

Lastly, we have identified the rigidity of the current research business model in the industry. Our services are extremely flexible, so you can appropriately tailor the products & services you require month-to-month.

Macro Hive’s offering is split into three brackets. Firstly, our ‘Content’ side consists of analysis & opinion pieces by seasoned researchers (Hive Exclusives), summaries and contextualisation of key academic papers & books (Deep Dives) and curation services to supplement our original work (Bilal’s Top Picks & Podcast Playlists).

Our second bracket of offering includes trade ideas, models, webinars and dinners & events. We are yet to officially release this bracket of services & products, but please email info@macrohive.com to express your early interest.

Our last bracket is targeted at our more institutional clients. We have full capacity to provide bespoke research tailored to your individual needs by our regional & topical specialists and have a full suite of interactive services for your internal needs or external client requirements.

To book the expertise of one or more of our research specialists, or to initiate a discussion around how Macro Hive can provide bespoke research services, please contact info@macrohive.com.


To become a member, please click on the ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button at the top of the page in the toolbar or click here. We have two subscription options for our website: Macro Hive Curated & Macro Hive Prime. Curated includes Bilal’s Top Picks and Podcast Playlists, whilst Prime includes our Hive Exclusives and our Deep Dives. Please contact admin@macrohive.com if you happen to have any issues.

To become a contributor of Macro Hive, please refer to the ‘MEET CONTRIBUTORS’ tab at the top of this page, and click on ‘Write For Macro Hive’. Alternatively, click here.

Macro Hive subscribers are simply some of the most sophisticated in the industry. Our readership spans from the CEOs of global hedge funds, to key players in the sell-side industry from almost every global bank, to some of the greatest macro thinkers today. This is your opportunity to have your analysis valued on an international scale and provoke discussions around your insights.

We’re always available to answer questions and feedback is very highly appreciated. Please find the ‘Contact Us’ form or alternatively, please email info@macrohive.com.

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